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Haebaru-cho town development home delivery of cooked foods lecture

February 1, 2013

Home delivery of cooked foods lecture. JPG 

  We perform "Haebaru-cho town development home delivery of cooked foods lecture" to promote town development by collaboration with townsman in Haebaru-cho.
What is home delivery of cooked foods lecture?
 The staff of town goes to area, and home delivery of cooked foods lecture has opinion and suggestion from townsmans while explaining contents of business that town performs and technical information clearly and is lecture to perform to do in town and place of information sharing with townsman.
Lecture contents?
  As we prepare wide lecture contents to information that adhered to life from image in the future of town, we wait for applications from that there is many such as local group, workplace, school.
Target person?
 If it is almost more than 10 groups (area, society, school, circle), we can attend anyone in residence, working or people at school in town.
Application method? 
 You choose lecture among "home delivery of cooked foods lecture menu", and, within one month before held preferred date of lecture, please submit to plan Finance Section with predetermined application.


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Plan Finance Section
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