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Guidance (General Administration Division) of each section

February 1, 2013

General Administration Division


Business content
General affairs group

Thing about 1 secretary.
Thing about 2 conferences of a government office.
Thing about 3 residents' association.
Thing about 4 conferment of a rank, bestowal of an order and service.
5 commendation, thing about ceremony.
Thing about 6 protection of human rights.
Thing about 7 assemblies.
Thing about management of 8 normal property.
Thing about unification of 9 municipal ownership property and property account book.
Thing about disaster insurance of 10 municipal ownership property.
Thing about receipt, shipment of 11 official documents and preservation.
Thing about 12 official seals.
13 firefighting, thing about unexploded shell.
14 crime prevention, thing about road safety.
Thing about 15 disaster prevention.
Thing about 16 notification.
Thing about rearranging storage of books such as 17 laws and ordinances, official daily gazette.
Thing about 18 information disclosure and personal information.
Thing about 19 townsman charters.
Thing about 20 self-government public lotteries.
Thing about 21 probation officers.
Thing about 22 donation.
Thing about communication adjustment of 23 general affairs departments.
Thing about seal registration of 24 authorization shared territorial bonding groups and proof.
Thing about the 25 Electoral Management Committee.
Thing about communication adjustment with each 26 parts section.
Thing about 27 public information, public hearing.
Thing about 28 conditions and facilities of a town handbooks.
Thing about 29 homepages.
30 trees, thing about town flower.
Thing about song of 31, leading.
Thing about 32 Government building maintenance and management of Government building site.
Thing about 33 oil stock facilities locations measures.
Thing about 34 fixed assets evaluation screening committees.
Thing about 35 nation protection plan.
Thing about recruitment of 36 self-defense officials duties.
Thing about 37 equipment account books.
Thing about adjustment with administration of 38, etc.
Personnel administration group

Thing about personnel affairs of 1 staff.
Thing about the rich, disciplinary measure of 2 staff.
Thing about employment examination of 3 staff and selection.
Thing about salaries of 4 staff.
Thing about vacation of 5 staff.
6 government affairs disasters, thing about municipalities synthesis office work association.
Thing about the training of 7 staff.
Thing about security of 8 staff and hygiene management.
Thing about 9 staff groups.
Thing about member of 10 part-time service special positions in the civil service.
Thing about 11 temporary workers.
Thing about 12 regulations, rule.
Thing about 13 administration dissatisfaction examination.
Thing about for-profit company of 14 staff.
Thing about 15 cooperative associations, mutual aid society and school cooperative association.
Thing about 16 staff welfare program.
Page that General Administration Division releases


Pub. DateTitle
2013/02/28 Under community health nurse (the part-time service staff) offer
2013/02/21 2012 staff (engineering works job) adoption candidate examination second passer
2013/02/18 shakyo contact counselor's office
2013/02/15 Under community health nurse (temporary worker) offer
2013/02/06 2012 staff (engineering works job) adoption candidate examination first passer
2013/01/09 About cooperation of donation to miraculous Ippommatsu preservation business
2012/12/16 2012 member of the House of Representatives general election throw, up-to-the-minute returns
2012/12/14 We announce Haebaru-cho staff (2013) adoption candidate examination second examination passer in 2012
2012/12/12 Haebaru-cho homepage production commissioned business (open call for participants type proposal system)
2012/11/01 Human rights annoyance consultation
2012/10/30 2012 staff (2013) adoption candidate examination first passer
2012/10/25 To all of you evacuated to (about request of reporting)
2012/10/18 About national refugee information system
2012/09/06 Lucky charm of road safety prayer was donated to first grader
2012/09/04 News of 2012 Haebaru-cho staff adoption candidate examination (only as for the specialist job)
2012/08/22 About town consultation counter about the Great East Japan Earthquake
2012/08/08 Much support was sent to baseball club out of Nansei
2012/08/02 In parent and child in study bo human rights ttenaa ~?
2012/08/02 The whole Nansei in Haebaru reports result of body ream in prefecture to the mayor
2012/07/30 News of 2012 Haebaru-cho staff adoption candidate examination
2012/07/01 Conditions and facilities of a town handbook 2011 version
2012/06/18 For disaster and
2012/05/30 The situation of welfare program business of the 2011 Haebaru-cho staff
2012/05/16 Salary, capacity management of 2011 Haebaru-cho
2012/04/09 Recruitment of idols of my home to brag about public information
2012/04/01 Public information haebaruheno paid advertisement offer
2012/02/29 We announce Haebaru-cho staff (people who experienced duties such as private enterprises) adoption candidate examination third examination passer in 2011
2012/02/27 Does family not take out "Mutual Aid Traffic Accident Insurance Plan" all together?
2012/02/20 We announce Haebaru-cho staff (people who experienced duties such as private enterprises) adoption candidate examination second examination passer in 2011
2012/02/09 It is Valentine cooking in kanegusuku children's house
2012/02/03 We exterminate ogre of one's weak heart at the bean-scattering ceremony!
2012/02/01 Self-government public lottery community furtherance business
2012/01/27 Haebaru Senior High School physical education course graduation relay road race
2012/01/23 We are supported to Haebaru-cho Junior High School baseball club alumnus younger student
2012/01/20 As for the unexploded shells, it is raised exploration request points
2012/01/10 415 celebration adults are joining a group of adult
2012/01/10 Work plaza south wind, Okinawa center upbringing garden coming-of-age ceremony
2012/01/06 The situation of eastern firefighting association jurisdiction of 2011
2011/12/05 Let's learn good place of Haebaru-cho!
2011/12/02 Training Earthquake Early Warning-adaptive in town office
2011/11/30 In heat, it is enthusiasm, night of young men!
2011/11/29 Village, Haebaru textile exhibition of the third cloth with splashed pattern
2011/11/25 We announce staff adoption candidate examination second passer in 2011
2011/10/31 About influenza
2011/10/24 News of 2011 staff adoption second examination schedule
2011/10/13 2011 staff (2012) adoption candidate examination first passer and the second examination guide
2011/10/07 We follow local security/safety in area!
2011/09/26 Teruya ward traditional arts preservation society start!
2011/09/02 Fire of next door notices by fire alarm and rescues human lives!
2011/09/01 September 1 is Disaster Preparedness Day


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