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Guidance (plan Finance Section) of each section

February 1, 2013

Plan Finance Section


Business content
Plan statistics group

Thing about 1 comprehensive plan.
Things about important measure such as 2 special mission matters.
Thing about 3 joint administration blocs and office work cooperative.
Thing about 4 country use plan law (1974 law 92nd).
Thing about five world.
Thing about 6 statistics.
Thing about 7 municipalities land development public corporations.
Thing about 8 company invitations.
As for 9 housing land development, it is thing about general adjustment.
Thing about ten prefectures of soil maintenance.
Thing about 11 oldness and wound straight business.
Thing about 12 governorates and aza world.
Thing about 13 sister cities.
Thing about 14 land utility plans.
Thing about placement plan of 15 public facilities.
Thing about 16 right to claim business to U.S.
Thing about 17 merger of cities, towns and villages.
Thing about 18 administration round-table conferences.
Thing about general adjustment of 19 GIS synthesis promotion business.
Thing about 20 woman policies.
Thing about 21 Administration Evaluation Systems.
Thing about 22 administrative reform.
Thing about promotion of 23 decentralization.
Thing about progress management of 24 main business.
Thing about 25 administrative organizations and capacity.
Thing about management of 26 office work business and effective organization.
Thing about 27 crematories.
Financial group

Thing about 1 financial program and administration.
Thing about 2 budgets.
Thing about 3 taxes allocated to local governments and state subsidy to local government.
Things about non-tax receipts such as 4 grants.
Thing about five bonds and short-term loan.
Thing about adjustment with 6 special accounts budgets.
Thing about publication of 7 financial statuses.
Thing about 8 local transferred taxes.
Thing about 9 interest percent grants.
Thing about 10 local consumption tax grants.
Thing about 11 car purchase tax grants.
Thing about 12 district exception grants.
Thing about 13 funds.
Thing about 14 balance sheets.
Thing about 15 local finance situation (financial statements statistics).
Thing about 16 public facilities situation investigations.
Thing about 17 financial accounting systems.
Thing about adjustment of office work business of each 18 sections.
Information squad

Thing about drafting, adjustment of 1 information policy and promotion.
Thing about maintenance promotion of 2 information and communication bases and enlightenment.
Thing about 3 area computerization (IT).
Thing about drafting, design, development of administrative information service system using 4 computers and operational support.
Thing about development of 5 information system and management operation.
Thing about 6 computers, terminal, maintenance of information infrastructure such as networks and management operation.
Thing about use of 7 Haebaru-cho Internet.
Thing about efficiency of 8 office work business system.
Page that plan Finance Section releases


Pub. DateTitle
2013/02/01 The second Haebaru-cho gender equality plan (MAJUN plan)
2013/01/19 2012 general account budget book
2012/12/28 Haebaru-cho town development home delivery of cooked foods lecture
2012/12/13 2012 special accounts budget book
2012/10/24 Budget guideline
2012/10/01 Report about result of measures main in 2011
2012/08/22 What is DV? Lecture questionnaire result
2012/08/07 The second Haebaru-cho gender equality plan
2012/07/24 Statement against Osprey deployment plan to the Futenma Air Station
2012/06/10 2012 Okinawa congressist election voting and counting the ballots breaking news
2012/05/21 2012 version "high saiyosan"
2012/04/24 2012 administrative policy
2012/04/20 The second Haebaru-cho gender equality plan development
2012/04/09 2011 general account budget book
2012/04/09 2011 special accounts budget book
2012/04/03 We devised the third Haebaru-cho administrative reform general rules
2012/03/30 About financial statements based on financial statements
2012/03/30 Last part of the fourth Haebaru-cho comprehensive plan basic plan
2012/02/06 The deliberation situation [last part of the fourth Haebaru-cho comprehensive plan basic plan]
2011/12/16 2011 enforcement plan
2011/10/03 About "the fiscal consolidation judgment ratio" and "the lack of funds ratio" based on financial statements
2011/10/03 Report about result of measures main in 2010
2011/05/27 It is reported the execution situation in budgets
2011/05/17 2011 version "high saiyosan"
2011/03/28 The second administrative reform general rules concreteness-like enforcement item check vote
2011/03/14 Tables (2009) such as financial statuses
2011/03/09 2011 administrative policy
2011/02/14 2010 general account budget book
2010/11/29 Publication of intensive reform plan
2010/11/15 Report about result of measures main in 2009
2010/09/16 About establishment of municipalities combination use model portal site "Okinavita" (Okina Vita)
2010/07/11 Member of the House of Councilors ordinary election (2010 result breaking news)
2010/06/28 We install national census Haebaru-cho enforcement motobu
2010/05/31 2010 version "high saiyosan"
2010/05/07 10 (2009 version) to brag about statistics
2010/03/24 As for the financial statuses, it is table (20) PDF
2010/03/24 Tables (2008) such as financial statuses
2010/03/12 Closing card
2010/03/12 2009 general account budget book
2010/03/04 2010 administrative policy
2010/01/20 Haebaru-cho city reproduction maintenance plan
2009/11/20 Intensive reform plan
2009/10/28 Fiscal consolidation plan affecting public funds compensation money exemption advanced redemption
2009/09/05 Report about result of measures main in 2008
2009/08/13 Local support program to do its best
2009/06/08 2009 version "high saiyosan"
2009/03/25 Tables (2007) such as financial statuses
2009/03/10 Basic information
2009/03/10 Inhabitants meeting
2009/03/10 Forums



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