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Guidance (Tax Affairs Section) of each section

February 1, 2013
Tax Affairs Section
Business content
Residence tax group

Thing about levy of one town, prefectural tax.
Thing about levy of 2 corporation townsmans tax.
Thing about 3 tobacco tax.
Thing about levy of 4 light vehicle tax.
Thing about-labeled grant of 5 motor bikes.
Thing about payment of 6 prefectural taxes.
Thing about 7 income, tax payment proof.
Thing about making of 8 taxation situation investigation.
Thing about week to know 9 tax.
Thing about 10 or other levy and the collection.
Asset tax group

Thing about levy of 1 property tax.
Thing about evaluation of 2 land, house, depreciable assets.
Thing about 3 land, house register and Nayoro account book.
Thing about summary record affecting 4 fixed assets.
Thing about computation handling of 5 property tax trust.
As for 6 state ownership assets, it is thing about location municipalities grant.
Thing about 7 declared land value.
Thing about council for 8 special holding tax.
Thing about 9 assets, evaluation proof.
Thing about notice by rule of 10 Inheritance Tax Law (1950 law 73rd) Article 58.
Thing about rearranging storage of figure of 11 acreage of a plot of land.
Thing about 12 or other levy and the collection.
Management storing group

Thing about the collection of 1 town tax.
Thing about management storing of 2 town tax.
Thing about 3 nonpayment rearranging, disposal.
Thing about enlightenment and tax payment consultation of 4 tax payment thought.
Things about collection rate improvement measures committee such as 5 town tax.
Thing about 6 defaulting on loss disposal.
Thing about 7 tax proof.
Thing about 8 or other storing management office work.
Page that Tax Affairs Section releases


Pub. DateTitle
2012/12/20 About presentation of report of house loss
2012/12/18 Presentation of depreciable assets report is January 31
2012/10/02 Proxy
2012/10/02 Light vehicle tax report (report) book and mark grant application
2012/10/02 Light vehicle tax junk car report and mark return book
2012/09/25 Corporate residence tax payment notice
2012/08/13 About taxation error and rebirth of property tax (apology)
2012/04/02 I send tax payment letter of advice of property tax in the beginning of May
2012/03/31 About general inspection, reading of 2012 property tax
2012/01/04 Offers of envelope pay advertisement for shipment such as Haebaru-cho tax payment letters of advice
2011/12/01 Land tax lesson to teach importance of tax
2010/08/10 Guidance of briefing session of holdings product taxation of tobacco tax
2010/04/30 About payment method of residence tax to affect income such as public pensions of one with salary with under 65 years old
2009/10/09 Special collection system of residence tax
2009/04/23 Reduction of taxes for person with a disability of light vehicle tax
2009/02/17 Donation subtraction system of residence tax
2008/09/11 Mail request of tax practice-related certificate
2008/05/01 Identity verification in case of tax proof grant
2008/02/05 Earthquake premium subtraction
2007/12/27 We make electronic certificate and declare in net!
2007/09/25 Property tax reduction with barrier-free repair
2007/06/15 Please use tax payment counselor's office
2005/05/16 Basic information about tax
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