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Guidance (inhabitants Environment Division) of each section

February 1, 2013
Inhabitants Environment Division
Business content
Basic Resident Register group

Thing about 1 Basic Resident Register.
Thing about 2 population statistics.
Thing about 3 population dynamics.
Thing about 4 inhabitants fact-finding.
Thing about 5 alien registration.
Thing about 6 seal registrations.
Thing about 7 proof.
Thing about 8 general counters.
Thing about 9 car temporariness service permission.
Thing about 10 tax practice proof issuance.
Thing about 11 public personal identification.
Family register group

Thing about 1 family register.
Thing about 2 *kaso.
Thing about 3 bankrupts, adult ward and cover conservator.
Thing about 4 offender lists.
Living environment group

Thing about 1 wastes.
Thing about 2 garbage reduction, exploitation of resources, promotion of reuse and enlightenment.
Thing about permission of collection transportation supplier such as 3 wastes and instruction.
Thing about measures and disposal of 4 illegal dumping, illegally parked cars.
Thing about the spread of 5 environmental hygiene thought and affiliate.
Thing about prevention of 6 pollution.
Thing about prevention of outbreak of pollution of 7 soil and pollution.
Thing about maintenance of 8 water regime.
Thing about petting of 9 animals and protection.
Thing about registration of 10 pet dogs and the prevention of rabies.
Thing about the body accommodation of animal in place of 11 community.
Thing about 12 hubs measures.
Thing about the extermination of 13 so group insect and hygiene pest.
Thing about law (1948 law 48th) about 14 graveyards, burial.
Thing about 15 or other environmental hygiene.
Page that inhabitants Environment Division releases


Pub. DateTitle
2013/02/27 We performed "corrugated cardboard compost monitor class"!
2013/02/22 Passport application window is established.
2013/02/20 Identity verification in issuance of certificate
2013/02/18 About "Haebaru-cho prevention of global warming implementation plan"
2013/02/01 Schedule of haebaru Eco center February
2013/02/01 The population statistical table H25. end of January according to administrative section
2012/12/28 The use of automatic grant machine
2012/10/15 Garbage collection on Labor Thanksgiving Day is rest
2012/10/11 About garbage chokusetsujikomi (self-import)
2012/10/01 Permission supplier of pro-business wastes
2012/10/01 We take consideration into septic tank cleaning, human waste
2012/09/07 News of dog, cat contraception, castration operation furtherance business
2012/08/06 About suspension of wide area automatic grant machine (news)
2012/06/07 To foreign inhabitants
2012/05/17 We perform setting assistance of PV system for house
2012/03/26 Wild grass which has just finished being produced in tempura, hirayachi!
2011/09/15 About information about radioactivity
2011/09/02 News of meat sale of haebaru pig
2011/07/15 How to put out garbage at the time of typhoon
2011/06/16 We start integrated administration of a large region window service on July 1.
2011/05/24 The use of Basic Resident Register card
2011/05/16 The disposal of domestic PC which became unnecessary
2011/05/16 About disposal of fire extinguisher
2011/03/28 haebaru Eco center
2011/03/07 Do you not begin group collection of resources garbage?
2010/11/26 A population of 35,000 people arrival of town!
2010/01/29 Burning off a field is prohibited
2009/09/30 Fee is necessary for taking care of of house dog, cat
2009/09/30 If we find corpse of wild bird
2009/08/03 Household waste classification poster
2009/03/31 About the millipede extermination
2009/03/31 About application such as registration of dog
2009/03/19 Public personal identification
2009/03/04 Proof about seal registration
2009/03/02 Marriage registration (when we marry)
2009/03/02 Divorce paper (when we get a divorce)
2009/03/02 Notice of death (when he died)
2009/03/02 Notification of transfer of family register (when we move permanent domicile)
2009/03/02 Other family register reports
2009/03/02 His change of child after divorce
2008/11/27 Garbage processing container grant system
2008/10/10 We are careful about hub *sho
2008/07/14 We are careful about hub jellyfishes
2008/07/03 Getting out basket of resources garbage
2008/07/03 Collection of used tempura oil
2008/06/20 Let's have my background
2008/05/19 To drainer of garbage cooperation!
2008/05/16 Recycling of paper
2008/05/12 Procedure is animal Hospital, but registration of dog is possible!
2008/05/01 Resources garbage collection of trees and plants
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