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Three key posts introduction

February 1, 2013

Three key posts introduction


By social complexity, diversification of sense of values, place that needs, request of each townsman are a wide variety of times, but aim at is jihazudesu now. In town, all people feel relieved, and live comfortably and serve to be able to send the life with purpose of life by happiness. Therefore we hear story of more people and expand publicity work and think that it is important to plan understanding of will with townsman. Tell opinion casually.

 We also give a flexible response quickly and push forward active administration that punished inventive idea and, for voice of townsman, aim at realization of "town living together in global viewpoint" with townsman together.

The mayor

 Mayor Shiroma toshiyasu
The vice-mayor

 Vice-mayor Kuniyoshi shinsyou
The superintendent of education

 Superintendent of education Akamine Masayuki
Reference is this. 
Haebaru-cho government office General Administration Division 686, Kanegusuku, Haebaru-cho 
TEL: 098-889-4415 FAX: 098-889-7657