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2012 administrative policy

April 23, 2013
2012 administrative policy


  The Shiroma toshiyasu mayor clarified administrative policy of 2012 in the beginning of regular assembly on March 6.

 2012 is in year of new start of "Okinawa promotion plan" that Okinawa oneself can decide, and it is in year of start of basic plan (from 2012 to 28), and it is more at important year in the fourth comprehensive plan latter period of town.

  Advocate with image in the future of town comprehensive plan; "will develop measures for such a town development that attachment to peace golden south wind (koganehae) to make together town community and pride and townsman who take responsibility by oneself, and lives express individual thought, and exchange opinion, and realizes dream and aim.


H24 administrative policy PDF (919KBytes)


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