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Introduction of administrative section (aza, residents' association)

August 7, 2017

Aza, residents' association introduction
19 administrative sections are in Haebaru-cho now. Based in each public hall and meeting place, active local action is developed. We introduce each aza, residents' association.
We glance for administrative section
The administrative section name Public hall name Public hall address Contact information

The governorate details (as of H29.4)

Yonaha Yonaha community center 59, Yonaha 889-2259 Aza Yonaha
Miyagi Miyagi structure improvement center Miyagi 218 889-2257 Aza miyagi
Oona Oona public hall Oona 148 889-5267 Aza oona
Arakawa Arakawa community center 148-12, Shinkawa 889-0383

From aza arakawa

Administrative section area of Higashishinkawa is excluded

Miyahira Miyahira museum 785-1, Miyadaira 889-6655

From aza miyahira

Administrative section area of north hill apartment house is excluded

keihara keiharashukaisho 1096-3, Miyadaira   Aza miyahira
Kanegusuku Kanegusuku public hall 84, Kanegusuku 889-6200

From aza kanegusuku

First housing complex, second housing complex ・

Administrative section area of Kanemoto apartment house is excluded

Motobu Motobu public hall 117, Motobu 889-6648

From aza motobu

First housing complex, second housing complex ・

Administrative section area of Kanemoto apartment house is excluded

Kyan Kyan village center 139, Kyan 889-6603 Aza kyan
Teruya Teruya farm village community center Teruya 134 889-6632

From aza teruya

The first housing complex administrative section area is excluded

Tukazan Tukazan district public hall 690, Tsukazan 889-1435

From aza tukazan

The second housing complex administrative section area is excluded

Mountain River Mountain River village center Mountain River 202 889-4429 Aza mountain River
Kamizato Kamizato structure improvement center 120-1, Kamisato 889-4428 Aza kamizato
Kanemoto apartment house Kanemoto apartment house Residents' Association 434-52, Motobu 889-6661


582-2,608 - 608-36

609-1 - 609-52,

660 - 660-8,

661 - 661-24


414-1 - 414-5,

421-1 - 421-107,

437-1 - 437-8,

434-2 - 434-50

439-2 - 439-3440,

461-2 - 461-72,

461-74 - 461-101,
480-1 - 480-14

The first housing complex The first housing complex meeting place 144, Motobu  




142,144,148-2,149,150, 155-2



The second housing complex The second housing complex meeting place 519, Kanegusuku 889-6225

Kanegusuku 503,540

302, Motobu

1116, Tsukazan

Higashishinkawa Higashishinkawa disaster refuge facilities 584, Shinkawa  


400 ..., 391, 390, 389, 386, 387, 364, 362, 361-1, 361, 361-2, 359, 360
(H20. 1.17 border establishment)

North hill apartment house North hill apartment house meeting place 391-59, Miyadaira 889-0308


361-3 - 361-34, 376-3,

381-6 - 381-55,

386-2 - 386-32,

424-8 - 424-11

426-3 - 426-13,

430-7 - 430-41

Miyahira apartment house Miyahira apartment house meeting place 1028-35, Miyadaira  


950,1028-8 - 1028-11,

1028-13 - 1028-29,

1028-33,1028-35, 1028-42,

1028-44 - 1028-49, 1091



(including H18 new construction crest wing)

Role of ward, residents' association
The head of a ward, self-government chairperson concludes trust contract with selection, town in each aza, residents' association.
The duties publicize news from town to inhabitants by distribution or microphone broadcast to homes such as cooperation, public information from town to various duties with all inhabitants in aza, residents' association to intend for in between town. We receive crime prevention light setting in aza, residents' association, request, opinion of inhabitants and carry roles such as communication adjustment with town about duties such as adjustment with town, problem of the whole district. In addition, we perform support of golden age club, woman meeting, child society and various circle activities and management of public hall, meeting place.
For town development of security/safety, let's join residents' association (neighborhood association)!
■What kind of thing is residents' association?
 People living in area talk each other, and residents' association cooperates and, for livable community improvement realization, is organization which runs voluntarily, and is active.
 In town, there is 19 residents' association, and both the scale and activity contents vary, but they put power together by the local fact together [let's do town where oneself live in by security in reliable livable town!], We are based on thought called this for activity.
 To us, there is aspect social, to be concerned with as aspect and local resident about society by working for companies.
 One of the activities as local resident has residents' association activity.
When "something" rose, the making of of area with a view of face from day of relationships is important.
■When we enter residents' association?
  The situation of birth, the local fact and local, to live for comes to know contact between inhabitants well by participating in local various events, and wrestling for local common problems such as local traffic, crime prevention, disaster prevention, environmental beautification, young fitness upbringing together. Through such an activity, living environment improves still more and is connected to local realization that wants to live.
■What kind of activity does residents' association carry out?
 We carry out an activity coherent to area. For example,
 ★We work on environmental beautification such as a lot of cleaning and flowers exercise
 ★Events such as party or recreational meeting for the aged
 ★We work on local traffic, crime prevention (we watch and are active), young healthy upbringing
 ★Setting of outdoor lamp (crime prevention light) and maintenance
 ★Maintenance of self-government public hall (meeting place)
 ★Disaster prevention activity that we prepared for at the time of disaster
 ★It is reporting from town office coherent to collection method and health consultation of garbage, life including news of inhabitants medical examination.
■ How can I enter residents' association if I do?
 Please contact public hall (meeting place) in area or town office General Administration Division.
Reference is this. 
Haebaru-cho government office General Administration Division 686, Kanegusuku, Haebaru-cho 
TEL: 098-889-4415 FAX: 098-889-7657