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Tree of town, flower of town

February 1, 2013
Tree, flower of Haebaru-cho
Town tree (ebony)
 With thing of Ryukyu convention, it is easy to obtain seed, too, and ebony is suitable for natural condition, and we strongly fix shape of a tree as nature for typhoon, blight, and spread cultivation is easy, too.
 It is most suitable as garden tree, park tree without even divergence needing most, big space in evergreen middle Takagi and is tree which is very beautiful as bonsai again.
 If the age of a tree passes, value appears, and use is tree which is precious as pole, furniture, alcove post, material for decoration of samisen, too.
Town flower (bougainvillaea)
 Bougainvillaea is origin of Brazil originally, but we are suitable for natural environments of Haebaru-cho and are passionate flower of Nankoku.
 A lot of kinds of flower make colorful flower bloom throughout the year, too and please eyes of people.
 This flower is climbing nature shrub and acquisition of seedling, cultivation with manure management are easy and cover fence in bougainvillaea in these days when walls made with concrete are increasing and are splendid flower reviving green and flower.
Town tree (ebony)Town flower (bougainvillaea)
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