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Introduction (Audit Commission Secretariat) of each section

March 17, 2013


Audit Commission Secretariat



Business content
Thing about Audit Commission Secretariat

 Thing about 1, social position of committee.
 Thing about 2, personnel affairs and service of the staff.
 Thing about 3, receipt, shipment of document and storage.
 Thing about 4, budget and the accounting and financial statements.
 Thing about 5, request, the receipt of article and receipt and disbursement storage.
 6, thing about use management of checkup committee room.
 Thing about rearranging, storage of 7, collection of town established regulation and book.
 Thing about 8, development of annual inspection plan and making of execution plan.
 It is thing about inspection based on laws and ordinances commencing with 9, periodical inspection.
 10, thing about accounting inspection.
 Thing about 11, financial statements examination and operational situation examination of operational fund.
 Thing about 12, restoration judgment ratio examination and lack of funds ratio examination.
 Thing about 13, inspection, result report about inspection and examination opinion.
 Things about investigation about financial affairs such as 14, finance, property of town.
 Thing about 15, related investigations to inspection and collection of documents.
 Thing about 16, district, prefecture and national municipalities checkup committee meeting.
 Thing about matter necessary for 17, inspection of other committees in the execution.


Audit Commission Secretariat
Telephone: 098-889-3097