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Guidance (lifelong learning culture section Cultural Center) of each section

March 17, 2013

Lifelong learning culture section (Cultural Center)


Business content
Culture group

Thing about management administration of 1 Cultural Center.
Thing about 2 general affairs. 
Thing about management administration of 3 army Hospital moat.
Thing about meeting of 4 guides.
Thing about 5 cultural properties protection Committee.
Thing about 6 cultural assets.
Thing about promotion of 7 culture, entertainment.
Thing about 8 lyceums.
Arts and sciences group

Thing about 1 document collection.
Thing about 2 research.
3 plan painting exhibitions, concert, thing about lecture.
Thing about 4 buried cultural properties.
Thing about 5 child peace learning.
Thing about 6 expat children training.
Thing about editing of 7 histories book about the town.
Thing about 8 history book about the town editing Committee.
Thing about 9 Cultural Center plan administration council.
Thing about 10 publication.
Thing about 11 composite learning.
Thing about 12 curator training.
Thing about the 13 or other arts and sciences.

Page that Cultural Center releases
Reference is this. 
Haebaru Cultural Center 257, Kyan, Haebaru-cho
TEL: 098-889-7399 FAX: 098-889-0529
e-Mail: H8897399@town.haebaru.okinawa.jp