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About old man welfare medical care grant (diaper grant)

December 19, 2013

For at-home elderly person (including hospital hospitalization), it is system supporting uninsured diapers charges burdening such as the health insurance methods.

The amount of furtherance starts supply from the moon which we applied for for monthly basis 2, 500 yen. That date back from application day; please note that cannot provide.

In addition, supply time is usually usually (for from September to February) every year in (for from March to August) and the end of March in the end of September.


Person who is targeted for supply
Next 1-4 corresponding to all the requirements is object.

In 1 65 years old or more, we continue use of diaper more than six months
It becomes more than six months after we do resident registration in 2 Haebaru-cho
We do not make entrance (hospitalization) in 3 care for the elder welfare institutions, care for the elder healthcare facility, care medical treatment model medical facilities
It is not 4 welfare recipients


Required document
1 application

Application. pdf(43.9KBytes)

2 predetermined medical certificates
Medical certificate. pdf(59.5KBytes)

※We confirm whether you continue use of diaper with column, "it is in state of use of diaper from the date." of medical certificate more than six months.

  As you cannot accept when this column becomes blanks, please be careful.


3 signets
4 bank books (person name)


Application place
Please apply in Haebaru-cho government office health welfare section (the second floor).

※For confirmation that it continues in August, and you can receive, presentation of report of present situation is necessary every year. We notify target person.
※When recipient is the death, facilities entrance, and receipt qualification loses, "old man welfare medical care grant notification of change" is necessary.

Notification of change. pdf(46.0KBytes)

※When there is not presentation of report of present situation and notification of change, please be careful as you may not provide.


Health welfare section
Elderly person welfare group
Telephone: 889-4416