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Summary of Haebaru-cho

April 16, 2013


Summary of Haebaru-cho

It is haebaru peaceful Koganeminami wind town




 Our town Haebaru-cho of the southern part of Okinawa Island of 127°43'E, 26°11'N is located in the center, and is almost next to prefecture capital Naha-shi. It is town which does not face the only sea in the prefecture among six municipalities in the circumference. Area is 10.76 square kilometers. It is small town to the fourth in the prefecture 41 municipalities. 


 For the King prefecture era, we were incorporated in government controlled area as one of Shuri Hitoshi Mihira with truth Kazushi five-holed short bamboo clarinet, Nishihara five-holed short bamboo clarinet. We will receive various control performed in inferiority of integration and abolition and King prefecture finance of villages in those days when we levy strictly as government controlled area and were unified directly.


 Did it this way; is severe; is under rule of, and people have the history that came through painful tribute system by collaboration, and it is inherited as cooperation mind and esprit de corps today by townsman. Border of current Haebaru-cho was decided by the enforcement of special municipality organization of 1908 (Meiji 41), and south wind Hara-mura consisting of 11 characters was formed.


 The first step of revival began in 1946 (Showa 21) with reorganization of village office, and it was driving force of development of village, and production of agriculture, textiles mainly on stock raising got geographical advantage in late years to be next to Naha-shi, and south wind Hara-mura burnt to the ground in the Great War in this time continued developing by industry and advance of company steadily.


 We accomplish shift to town administration with 16 administrative sections in 1980 (Showa 55) and thereafter measures toward garden city are developed and become 19 administrative sections as of 2013.





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