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Process with Lethbridge City

May 8, 2013

Process to Haebaru-cho and Lethbridge City this

Haebaru Town & Lethbridge City


2000 (Heisei 12)

From 21 to 23 on July
Kyushu Okinawa Summit holding. We invite the kuretinkanada prime minister. Besides, for one year until invitation, culture Festa in Canada, lecture in Canada hold various events including interchange business of Canadian ambassador and primary schoolchild. 214 townsmans visit Ottawa prior to it in April of the year and heap up thought to Canada by feeling of all townsmans.


2001 (Heisei 13)

Member of deputy mayor of town and fixed-job worker visits Lethbridge City as prior business for homestay acceptance of "middle and high school student international exchange business" by Haebaru-cho scholarship association. We pay a courtesy visit to the Mayor of Lethbridge for international exchange business support, and, besides, request action for homestay acceptance is presented to Okinawa association of people originating from the same prefecture.
From 9 to 10 on July
The mayor expresses determination for the sisters friendship town conclusion with Canada at sisters, friendship town meeting at Canadian embassy in Japan in Canada.
From 12 to 22 on August
The third "world uchinanchu meet" memory "Canada, Okinawa ice hockey friendship exchange meeting" holding.
From 20 to 22 on August
We carry out advanced ground inspection for research for the sister city conclusion. (association of Hokkaido Canada, Fukagawa-shi, Ishikari-shi, Canadian embassy, Canadian Alberta state government staying in Japan office, Japan Canada education cultural exchange foundation)
October 31
Alberta state government staying in Japan office representative Brad Clark who did the next prefecture for uchinanchu meeting participation of the third world does the next town and pays a courtesy visit to the mayor.
November 10
Next prefecture Canada country Alberta Lethbridge City Okinawa association of people originating from the same prefecture length Yoshitaka Kaneshiro which we did does the next town for uchinanchu meeting participation of the third world and pays a courtesy visit to the mayor.


2002 (Heisei 14)

From 21 to 30 on October
We dispatched 14 people in Canadian country as Haebaru-cho young people international exchange business. We experienced homestay in Lethbridge City of interval, experience-based entrance to school to city Junior High School for 4 days and 3 nights and learned the Canadian culture and history, custom.
October 23
Member of mayor and fixed-job worker visited the Mayor of Robert D terLEC in Lethbridge city hall and handed autograph letter to pray for friendship, interchange of both municipalities for future sister city tie-up. Lethbridge City and Haebaru-cho deepened bond of mutual understanding and trust through education, culture, economy, sports at this opportunity and asked for new interchange being built directly.
October 24
For Alberta state government Amelia Joey tongue bulldog learning international country education section managers-saving and interview, state government, it is support request for future friendship, sister city conclusion of both municipalities.
November 20
Thanks for visit and letter of opinion for autograph letter arrive from the Mayor of Robert D terLEC. Contents are how old, or they are shown about way of thinking of sister city tie-up of Haebaru-cho.


2003 (Heisei 15)

February 17
We send answer to the mayor as follows.
 Can student of Haebaru-cho and junior high student of Lethbridge City not do international educational exchange mutually? We were able to carry out experience-based entrance to school last year while staying with family of Lethbridge City as the first attempt. We dispatch students once in two years and will hope to be able to continue educational exchange in future. For a while from Haebaru-cho is unilateral; think that is dispatched, but Haebaru-cho bears about expense to affect it. If educational exchange by students will succeed in the future, we want to develop if we include adults concerned with educational exchange when to personnel affairs interchange by member of both mayorship interchange of private enterprise level more.
 Unfortunately, about economic effect, there is not in particular.
 Even if the friendship town conclusion is difficult, we request that we have you support educational exchange by students as city.
February 9
Robert G light ambassador of Canadian embassy to Japan, Mrs. Carol visited Honcho. We observe studios of ryukyukasuri of Nansei Junior High School and traditional industrial art object.
April 11
Letter arrives from the Mayor of Robert D terLEC on April 30. Resolution to link friendship town of both areas at Lethbridge municipal assembly precedent meeting held on April 7, 2003 is approved formally. We celebrate friendly relationship of Haebaru townsman and Lethbridge citizen. Contents called this.
June 30
We receive approval about concluding Lethbridge City and friendship town relations in Haebaru-cho assembly.
From 22 to 31 on October
The eleventh Haebaru-cho young people international exchange business
 We perform in country Alberta Lethbridge City of Canada. 14 middle and high school students, party 19 of four leaders visited Vancouver, Banffshire, Lethbridge City to leader in Board of Education Superintendent. We observe Calgary, Banffshire, Canadian Rocky, Columbia University glacier for from 23 to 24. We stayed at home of Lethbridge citizen in schedule from 25 days to 5 days and 4 nights. Meanwhile, we actually entered will Son My dollar school and learned the Canadian culture and history, custom with local children.


2005 (Heisei 17) May 21
Seven Canadian member of the Upper House party (Chairperson Dan Hays leader), staff of Canadian Upper House two, staff of Canada Embassy two in Japan, House of Councilors international exchange region International Relations Division administrative official five are the next towns. Chorus of welcome by Haebaru-cho boys and girls chorus performed information exchange with person concerned with town more in townsman hall. Party moved to Sazanhiru ice arena successively and watched a game of game of junior high student team.



 Foundation of friendship with Haebaru-cho and CanadaFoundation of Haebaru and friendship of Canada

At summit held in Okinawa in July, 2000, Haebaru-cho was visited the Canadian kuretin prime minister.

Commemorative stone was given Haebaru townsman as the memory.
It is Ryukyu song of Okinawa to stone

 "It is cuttlefish to persimmon bridge charges of peace to conclude at summit in liver awachi ho"

This is written down.

 "We match heart until what time of times and will walk bridge of peace concluded at summit together"

There is ei in this.








  Friendship town conclusion book


Friendship town conclusion book




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