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Guidance of participation in memorial service friendship friendship business offer by war dead orphan

June 4, 2014

War dead orphans he


2014 government assistance business

Guidance ... of recruitment of participants to memorial service friendship friendship business by ... war dead orphan


This business visits former war area where father was killed in battle and we remember and mourn and are intended that we measure the friendship friendship with inhabitants of the area.





          Entrance fee 90,000 yen
                      ※The hotel charges, travel procedure fee are not included at round-trip transportation expenses to meeting place, returning home.
                           ※We may raise remarkable rise, the weak yen of fuel costs by entrance fee by circumstances of diversity.

          Participation qualification    Orphan of the war dead
                               ※As this business is memorial service friendship friendship business for war dead orphans, other one cannot participate.
                                (war dead orphan is orphan of the war dead who lost father in the former Great War.)
                         ※One except area (including one killed in battle at the high seas top around Mika area) to carry out this time does not come in san.

         ・ To the application method each metropolis and districts bereaved society secretariat to live in.

                        ※Association of Okinawa bereaved society: 〒 900-0025 1-14-1, Tsubogawa, Naha-shi phone number 098-834-2811



        ・ Enforcement area      (wide area area)

                                             1.Former Manchurian     2.Western New Guinea     3.Former Soviet Union     4.Mariana Islands    

                                 5.Eastern New Guinea (the first)     6.Truck Palau Islands     7.The Borneo Malay Peninsula    

                                            8.The Philippines (the first)     9.The Solomon Islands     10. Myanmar (the first)   

                       11. Taiwan, VAZ Strait     12. Eastern New Guinea (the second)     13. Myanmar India (the second)

                      14. The Philippines (the second)     15. China 

                    (particular area)
                           1.Western New Guinea     2.Bismarck Islands     3.Marshal Gilbert Islands




                           Offer guidance (table) .pdf(154KBytes)   Offer guidance (the back) .pdf(190KBytes)

◎ Sponsorship Nihon Izoku-kai (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare assistance business)
〒1020074 1-6-5, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Inquiry to the Nihon Izoku-kai secretariat

Telephone 03-3261-5521
Facsimile 03-3261-9191






Child section
Protection, bereaved society
Telephone: 098-889-7028
Facsimile: 098-889-7657