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Window in government office Government building changes

July 29, 2013

 We change place of some windows from July 29, 2013 and become new placement.
 It is intended to plan convenience and improvement of inhabitants service by placing duties (procedures such as National Health Insurance, pension) of National Health Insurance and National Pension Section in conjunction with inhabitants transfer (transference, transference, birth registration) and duties (children's allowance, the child medical expenses furtherance) of child section on the first floor.


[the second floor]
・Tax Affairs Section (TEL889-4413)
・Health welfare section (TEL889-7381) ※There is no change


[the first floor]
・Child section (TEL889-7028)
・National Health Insurance and National Pension Section (TEL889-1798)
・Inhabitants Environment Division (TEL889-4414) ※There is no change
・Accounting Division (TEL889-2607) ※There is no change



General Administration Division
Telephone: 098-889-4415