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Inhabitants meeting that thinks about the sixth Haebaru-cho town development basics regulations (tentative name)

October 8, 2013

Inhabitants meeting that thinks about the sixth Haebaru-cho town development basics regulations (tentative name)

[the date and time, place]

 Wednesday, September 25, 2013 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

 The third floor of Haebaru-cho government office conference of a government office room

[the agenda]

 ○The opening of a meeting (greetings of chairperson)



   ・Opinion reflection to main point plan

   ・We are announced by every group 

 ○In addition, (next news)



The opening of a meeting

 "Thank you for your work, everybody. There were opening greetings from chairperson today saying please cooperate to be able to hold substantial meeting all day long.



 We were divided into each group under the theme of "opinion to main point plan" secondary to the fifth inhabitants meeting and exchanged opinions. We announced for information sharing after exchange of opinions every group. We introduce a part of group opinion in the following.

 "Chapter 1 basic rule">>Purpose, definition of term, positioning of the regulations

  ・High town development that we wait, and smiles overflow of well-being of construction, townsman of rich community 

  ・Mutual interchange of townsman who assists (administrative - individual - area), and is rich

 "Chapter 2 bedrock">>Principle of information sharing, townsman participation

  ・Information dispatch that aspect direction, townsman of information collects information positively, and is plain 

  ・We want you to do reporting, joint ownership that relief, safe namachizuriookonautameni are necessary for

  ・They push forward town administration with townsman, and townsman oneself is independent, and local event and problem wrestle 

  ・We respect each other

 "Chapter 3 townsman">>Right of townsman, role of townsman, role of company

  ・Right, right to receive administrative service equally to be able to live as inhabitants in peace safely

  ・Right, right, right, right to suggest to participate to know to give the opinion to

  ・We detect town in each other beloved, and townsmans cooperate and participate in local activity

  ・We share social responsibility and try to participate in the making of community where it is easy to live in

 "Chapter 4 assembly">>Role of assembly and duty, role of member of the Diet and duty

  ・Talks (the part of pipe with town and administration), suggestion to give advice to positively

  ・Suggestion to town development

  ・We study, and nature improves fairness, fairness 

 "Chapter 5 administration">>Administrative role and duty, role of the mayor and duty, role of the staff and duty

  ・You offer administrative services equally, and make legal compliance 

  ・We make an effort not to separate, and to convey information so that townsman uses right

  ・Directionality and decision that hear townsman opinion directly, and are appropriate the leadership

  ・Being existence trusted by townsman 

  ・Try for promotion of community improvement with townsman; equitableness

  ・We try for self-study and always have local activated consciousness

 "Chapter 6 administration administration">>Comprehensive plan, healthy financial administration, exhibition of information and joint ownership, protection, accountability, administrative organization of personal protection,

              Administrative procedures such as the council, opinion open call for participants procedure, opinion, request from townsman, correspondence to complaint, administrative evaluation

  ・We adopt townsman opinion at the time of development and are announced advancement, progress of PDCA cycle

  ・Plain publication, financial administration that put medium-and-long term in the field of vision of financial status

  ・Information dispatch that can appeal to plainness, the whole country of information 

  ・We consider that children make public relations magazine contents with interest and few is useful

  ・We perform privacy policy that does not become disadvantageous to inhabitants

  ・We explain kindly clearly and are clarified explanation at window

  ・Is organization which townsman is easy to know; histogeny corresponding to change of social conditions

  ・The committee choice in consideration for balance of the committee choice, man and woman by open call for participants

  ・Other duties expand service like convenience store grant, too

  ・Decision-making that carried out public comment for opinion of townsman before decision-making, and considered it

  ・As complaint is how to receive administration side, how about for opinions?

  ・Speedy correspondence

 "Chapter 7 participation in planning and collaboration">>Participation in planning and collaboration, referendum

  ・Administration and townsman stand in the same situation and solve the agenda by collaboration

  ・We are not opposed each other even if opinions are different and wrestle towards problem solution together

 "Chapter 8 area community">>Local community

  ・We participate in local event, activity positively

 "Chapter 9 relief, safe town development">>Ensuring safety of townsman life

  ・We send regional alliances improvement, evacuation site at the time of disaster clearly

 "Promotion of Chapter 10 peace activity">>Promotion of peaceful activity

  ・The succession to making of society valuing the making of base of peaceful learning, human rights, children

 "Chapter 11 cooperation">>Interchange with cooperation, country in area and other local public entity and cooperation, international exchange

  ・We interchange with the support system, other local governments (outside the prefecture) to the characteristic making of town which is and try for each other's development

  ・Town development to bring up international completion

 "Review of the Chapter 12 regulations">>Review of the regulations

  ・Review of the regulations wants you to accept the situation








Next news

 On the next time, we want to perform talks about plan of the Haebaru-cho town development basics regulations (tentative name) that we made based on past opinion and main point plan at the secretariat.




[distribution document]

 Inhabitants meeting order of a ceremony (109KBytes) which thinks about the sixth Haebaru-cho town development basics regulations (tentative name)


Comments and Requests


 If there are opinion or request for inhabitants meeting thinking about the Haebaru-cho town development basics regulations (tentative name), please put to the following address.


 ◆E-Mail address H8890187K@town.haebaru.okinawa.jp  





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