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Returning home report from the wing foreign countries training of woman

November 22, 2013
Returning home report from the wing foreign countries training (the U.K.) of woman





Saeko Oshiro who returned home from the wing foreign countries training of woman on Thursday, November 7, 2013 paid a courtesy visit to the mayor.


Member of wing of Saeko Oshiro other women visited the U.K. in schedule of from 14 to 22 on September in 2013 (9 days and 8 nights) and received training about social activity, social welfare and environment of woman.


Saeko Oshiro talked about state that flower bloomed in profusion on road maintained neatly in the London city in detail. On road in the London city, garden plant which treated flower called "Kahn King basket" in a circle is hung to streetlight, and there seems to be flower of ji* a lot.

Haebaru-cho followed London and had suggestion that we worked on maintenance and beautification of way and wanted to do in town of a lot of flowers.

In addition, we had you report that you learned about state and the welfare, environment of the training in the U.K.


We make use of knowledge and experience that we learned in the training from this to Oshiro and want to have you play an active part as woman leader in the town block.





Photograph. JPG ←Photograph Saeko Oshiro (from the left the second) at the time of mayor visit



We will assist member recommendation to "wing of woman" and training costs for upbringing of woman leader in future in Haebaru-cho!



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