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Administrative round-table conference (2013, 2014 holding)

November 27, 2013

Administrative round-table conference

We grasp needs of townsman and, for the purpose of performing town administration administration that reflected voice of townsman, hold administration round-table conference that the mayor of Haebaru talks with townsmans about town administration in total at time when each area hopes for two years as period. We publish below about summary of questions and answers on the day on the date.




Arakawa ward (January 15, 2015) (303KBytes)

DSC_0041.JPG DSC_0073.JPG


Teruya ward (October 2, 2014) (289KBytes)






 North hill apartment house Residents' Association (February 27, 2014) (223KBytes)



 Kyan ward (February 12, 2014) (250KBytes)



   Higashishinkawa Residents' Association (November 8, 2013) (230KBytes)



















[business that included request and suggestion in administrative round-table conference] 

○Road maintenance (approach to let car slow down) ... Yonaha ward of town road Route 32

○Maintenance ... Yonaha ward of silver human resources center

○Introduction ... Yonaha ward of technique (PDCA) of duties improvement

○Request ... Higashishinkawa ward about mild area designation of Higashishinkawa area

○Road maintenance ... Higashishinkawa ward of town road Route 10

○Environmental forest contact Park maintenance ... Higashishinkawa ward

○Enforcement ... kyan ward of healthy lecture (exercises instruction)

○Setting ... kyan ward of fire warning signal to staying alone household and old man household

○It is ... kyan ward about homepage of town

○Maintenance (maintenance of parking lot stop line, maintenance of temporary stairs to training room) ... kyan ward of athletics field

○Spread of Haebaru-cho songs ... kyan ward

○Maintenance ... kyan ward of attending school road (Haebaru Chinen line)

○It is ... north hill apartment house about the figure lower use after Haebaru bypass traffic start

○It is ... north hill apartment house about soundproofing measures of Haebaru bypass

○It is ... north hill apartment house about cleaning of construction vehicle at the time of Haebaru bypass construction

○Safety measures ... north hill apartment house of slope on the north hill apartment house side

○Maintenance ... north hill apartment house of north hill apartment house Residents' Association facilities

○It is ... teruya ward about setting of tourist facility (restroom, rest station)

○It is ... teruya ward about reuse of old folk house

○It is ... teruya ward about production of traditional arts upbringing DVD

○It is ... teruya ward about regional plan around Haebaru south intachichienji

○It is ... teruya ward about sightseeing of Haebaru-cho

○It is ... teruya ward about road station that utilized around Farmers

○It is ... arakawa ward about road safety measures

○It is ... arakawa ward about repair of north hill stairs

○It is ... arakawa ward about landslide measures

○It is ... arakawa ward about participation promotion measures to residents' association

○It is ... arakawa ward about enforcement of disaster prevention drill for large-scale disaster 


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