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The head of a ward, self-government chairperson list

August 21, 2017
The 2017 Haebaru-cho head of a ward, self-government chairperson list
          As of June 1, 2017
Ward, residents' association Job title Full name Address Telephone
Yonaha Self-government chairperson shinkakiyu Yonaha community center 59, Yonaha 889-2259 (FAX and)
Miyagi Acting head of a ward kinjo*bu Miyagi structure improvement center Miyagi 218 889-2257 (FAX and)
Oona The head of a ward Hiroyuki Shimozato Oona public hall Oona 148 889-5267 (FAX and)
Arakawa Self-government chairperson


Arakawa community center 148-12, Shinkawa 889-0383 (FAX889-8855)
Higashishinkawa Self-government chairperson Takashi Oshiro
(head of a ward society clerk)
Higashishinkawa disaster refuge facilities 584, Shinkawa 080-3374-0584
Miyahira The head of a ward Tsutomu Ogido
(head of a ward society's vice-chairperson)
Miyahira public hall 94, Miyadaira 889-6655 (FAX and)
keihara The head of a ward Yukiko Teruya keiharashukaisho

1072-1, Miyadaira

North hill apartment house Self-government chairperson kyujochoshun North hill apartment house meeting place 381-59, Miyadaira 889-0308
Kanegusuku The head of a ward Kadekari Morio Kanegusuku public hall 84, Kanegusuku 889-6200 (FAX and)
Motobu The head of a ward Yoshimasa Oshiro Motobu public hall 117, Motobu 889-6648
Kyan The head of a ward Tsutomu Tamoto Kyan village center 139, Kyan 889-6603 (FAX and)
Teruya The head of a ward Nobuhiko Oshiro Teruya farm village community center Teruya 134 889-6632 (FAX and)
Tukazan The head of a ward Relation village success Tukazan public hall 690, Tsukazan 889-1435 (FAX and)
Yamakawa The head of a ward


(head of a ward, chairperson)

Yamakawa village center Yamakawa 202 889-4429 (FAX and)
Kamizato The head of a ward Kazuo Akamine Kamizato structure improvement center 120-1, Kamisato 889-4428 (FAX and)
Kanemoto apartment house Self-government chairperson Shigeaki Uehara Kanemoto apartment house meeting place 434-52, Motobu 889-6661
The first housing complex Self-government chairperson The Yabiku end beauty The first housing complex meeting place 144, Motobu  
The second housing complex Self-government chairperson Taeko Miyazato The second housing complex meeting place 519, Kanegusuku 889-6225 (FAX and)
Miyahira apartment house Self-government chairperson Masayoshi Shimabukuro Miyahira apartment house meeting place 1028-35, Miyadaira


※In every regular ward mayor society twice a month (2.15 days) January only on 15th (first head of a ward society).    


General Administration Division
Telephone: 098-889-4415