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With gender equality

January 6, 2014


What is gender equality society?



Gender equality society


With gender equality society in Basic Law for gender equality society Article 2,

"Society where opportunity to participate in activity in every social field is secured as social equal member by own intention and we have and man and woman is political equally and can enjoy social and economical and cultural profit and man and woman should carry responsibility on together"

We place this.


In other words, to put it simply, it is ...


While man and woman respects human rights each other, we share both joy and responsibility and, regardless of sex, are society which can show individuality and ability enough.

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Basic Law for gender equality society ★ (from Cabinet Office gender equality station homepage)


 Gender equality 2.JPG



Duty of country Duty of local public entity Duty of the nation

・Based on basic principles, we devise gender equality basic plan.

・We devise measure for the making of gender equality society including active improvement measures generally and carry out.

・Based on basic principles, we work on measure for the making of gender equality society.

・Development of measure utilized local characteristic

・It is hoped that we cooperate with the making of gender equality society.






Image of gender equality society ★ (from Cabinet Office gender equality station homepage)


It is vigor in the workplace Improvement of family life Improvement of local power

・Originality of economic activities increases by participation in planning to policy, orientation process of woman advancing, and a variety of human resources playing an active part, and production improves.

・Individual shows ability to the maximum by diversification of way of working advancing, and workplace environment that man and woman is easy to commit together being secured.


The man and woman workplace. jpg

・It is strengthened partnership of family by individual constituting family respecting each other, and cooperating.

・Man and woman participates in child care and education together by work and domestic coexistence supporting circumstances being set, and advancing to participation in planning to home of man.


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・Local community is enhanced by man and woman being independent together, and participating in local action or volunteer.

・Environment that local activation, living improvement, children are slim and are brought up is realization.


Man and woman area. gif





Keyword about gender equality


The extermination of violence 

DV (domestic violence) and sexual harassment, sexual crime violate human rights clearly and are serious problem to obstruct the formation of gender equality society.


For more details, this is clicked → The extermination (Cabinet Office HP) of violence for woman


Consultation counter clicks this → Inquiry counter



Work-life balance

Work-life balance is work and harmony of home (the private life). Realization of harmony of work and life is essential for social realization that there is way of life that each one expects.


For more details, this is clicked → For realization of work-life balance (Cabinet Office HP)



Positive action

 Generally, we say temporary measures to take for the purpose of realizing substantial equality of opportunity by providing special opportunity in the range of uniformity to person taking disadvantage by social structure-like discrimination.

For example, we say that we perform appointment of the managerial class of woman positively when we want to make sex ratio of the managerial class 50%.


For more details, this is clicked → Positive action (Cabinet Office HP)



Gender equality for man

Gender equality is not problem only for woman. Problem that "there are few opportunities to participate in child care" must consider, for example, as gender equality from viewpoint of man from viewpoint of man "said in spite of man" exists a lot.


For more details, this is clicked → Gender equality (Cabinet Office HP) for man









Approach in Haebaru-cho


●In Haebaru-cho, we devise the second Haebaru-cho gender equality plan (MAJUN plan). → MAJUN plan


●We hold gender equality promotion meeting, and our committee gives proposal of effective concreteness-like approach on pushing forward MAJUN plan to.


●We put together for gender equality week (every year from 23 to 29 on June) and hold panel exhibition.


●We make digest version of MAJUN plan and publicize plan to townsman. → MAJUN plan [digest version]






               Person person                koganehae     sato

Haebaru-cho aims at "peaceful Koganeminami wind town that man and woman assists together" and promotes gender equality!


In addition, it is essential for realization of gender equality society that action makes with thing, it which each one has consciousness toward.


In daily life, please be conscious of gender equality a little.


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