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The second Haebaru-cho gender equality plan progress report

December 21, 2016

The second Haebaru-cho gender equality plan (MAJUN plan)


Progress report



In Haebaru-cho, we devise "the second Haebaru-cho gender equality plan" (under an alias: MAJUN plan) in March, 2012 and perform various business, approaches based on this plan.


In addition, we carry out investigation every year to each department and, for progress grasp of MAJUN plan and approach, report progress in Haebaru-cho gender equality promotion meeting.

As for the past report, please see PDF file of the lower page.



1.Idea and catch phrase of plan

[idea of plan]
 We aim at realization of gender equality in basic principles with respect and gender equality of constitutional fundamental human rights guaranteeing.

[catch phrase]

   Person person                 koganehae     sato

 Peaceful Koganeminami wind town that man and woman assists together



2.Nickname of plan

 Toward society where man and woman can participate in together in every field, we assume nickname of this plan "MAJUN plan".
 With MAJUN, uchinaguchide means "it is same" and adopts as nickname appropriate for spreading these plans to townsman widely.


3.Period of plan

 We do 2012 with the first year and devise this plan as ten years plan to assume 2021 the aim year.
 In addition, perform every grasp and evaluation of state of implementation the year; and in the year (the Heisei 27-29 year) as needed middle by social turns of events

 We perform review.



4.Basic policy


It is the making of consciousness to gender equality policy 1
 We plan change of breeding of townsman awareness about gender equality and fixed role allotment awareness to realize gender equality society,

Anyone pushes forward the making of society which can realize that we are equal again  as human being.


Condition maintenance for that man and woman is healthy together, and policy 2 lives in peace

 Because anyone lives a spiritually rich life, each human right is respected, and man and woman cannot break * in sex and physical difference, and be relieved in lifelong health

 We push forward condition maintenance that can live.


It is environment creation of gender equality in home, area, the workplace policy 3
 So that while man and woman cooperates together, in various scenes of life such as home, area, the workplace, society can participate in; family life,

We push forward approach for  local action and equality of employment opportunity, realization of work-life balance.


Promotion of aggressive policy for policy 4 to keep ability of woman alive
 Planning society participation in planning that woman acquires power enough, and show ability, and woman oneself acts, and is aggressive social status and evaluation,

Because lead  to changing social structure, support appointment and empowerment of woman; is katsu kasutameno with ability of woman

 We promote aggressive policy.


It is creation of contribution, international coordination and culture to peace policy 5
 Man, woman participates in together, and, about peace administration that Honcho works on as important pillar of town development, wrestle; and international exchange

We promote the making of society recognizing variety  while we plan the succession of local traditional culture.



◆Progress report◆


 2012 progress report. pdf(398KBytes) 


 2013 progress report. pdf(342KBytes)


 2014 progress report. pdf(1.19MBytes) 



◆Answer to opinion, request, suggestion from Haebaru-cho gender equality promotion meeting committee◆


 Answer to opinions of committee in 2013 promotion meeting. pdf(195KBytes) 





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