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Subregion welfare network starts in north hill apartment house

December 13, 2013

 Subregion welfare network "meeting of floor" (affected chopsticks) started in north hill apartment house (Takashi Nakamoto self-government chairperson) on December 13. Local resident supports this network together and works on caring for community improvement to be able to live in spite of being cooperation. Start type was held at north hill apartment house meeting place on the same day, and "network which we had been expecting for a long time realized Chairperson Nakamoto self-government at last. We gathered in this meeting place and introduced ourselves saying we will spend time happily.

 In addition, mini-day service (authority of general old care prevention place business) was performed open of on the same day, too. It is carried out on first third Friday, and healthy check or recreation by nurse are carried out every month.



Healthy check

Healthy check by nurse



Participant who enjoys fall preventive exercises by lek instructor


North hill apartment house meeting place