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"Oh, thank you for 2014 hometown exhibitions to brag" about arrival!

December 30, 2014

Last month 11 one day a month .2 days and "2014 oldness and exhibition to brag about the 18th" that were held.

When it rained on the way, it was unstable weather, but we had you arrive toward the lot, and it was two days prosperous very much!

All of you who had you go to visit, thank you very much! !


(^^)/ which became very late, but wants to improve a lot of designs of the day this time





Hansom who had general master of ceremonies serve for two days!

22.JPG to vomit which falls Handsome. JPG

It was very fun by progress with laughter from beginning to end ☆Thank you!


After greetings of the Shiroma toshiyasu mayor, we cut the tape ☆(^^)/ which is start of festival

42.JPG to vomit which falls 44.JPG to vomit which falls


We had you appear toward the two days lot on outdoor stage♪

24.JPG to vomit which falls 49.JPG to vomit which falls

"Beaury`s" which publicizes sponge gourd of Haebaru-cho☆


7.JPG to vomit which falls 48.JPG to vomit which falls

LIVE of "Port Dash!" MIYA on the photograph right side works as teacher of Beaury`s☆


36.JPG to vomit which falls 46.JPG to vomit which falls

East edge Tsuyoshi who heaped up by mimicry of Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi♪


37.JPG to vomit which falls 47.JPG to vomit which falls

Cojaco LIVE☆


1.JPG to vomit which falls 2.JPG to vomit which falls

haerun, byurikun, Thomas appears, too ☆ After quiz, it is Yo-Kai Exercise Number One in everybody of meeting place♪♪


50.JPG to vomit which falls

We show haerunno special ability "high speed cloth with splashed pattern texture"! It did not seem that it was too early! (laugh)


haebaru photo contest, senryu contest commendation ceremony☆

Senryu. JPG Senryu 2.JPG


Senryu 3.JPG

Congratulations on people of commendation (*^_^*)♪


It is also Awa Folk Dance of "Osaka rainwater ream" for coming over for this festival from outside the prefecture!

9.JPG to vomit which falls 10.JPG to vomit which falls


11.JPG to vomit which falls Rainwater consecutive 2.JPG


The rainwater consecutive outdoors. JPG Rainwater consecutive outdoors 2.JPG

We had you show in bandstand☆

Rainwater consecutive outdoors 4.JPG Rainwater consecutive outdoors 5.JPG



Finally, Awa Folk Dance that (*^_^*) is raw, and all of meeting places sees together ☆It was splendid! Thank you!


"Queen contest of ryukyukasuri" once in two years. For each two Miss married woman sections were picked from much participants!

Cloth with splashed pattern 1.JPG Cloth with splashed pattern 4.JPG


 Cloth with splashed pattern 6.JPG Cloth with splashed pattern 7.JPG




Cloth with splashed pattern 9.JPG Contest 1.JPG


Contest 1.JPG Contest 1.JPG


Contest 1.JPG Contest 1.JPG


Four everybodies who publicize ryukyukasuri widely from now on to the town inside and outside, outside the prefecture☆

Cloth with splashed pattern 10.JPG Cloth with splashed pattern 11.JPG


Cloth with splashed pattern 12.JPG Cloth with splashed pattern 13.JPG


Cloth with splashed pattern 14.JPG Cloth with splashed pattern 15.JPG


Fashion show of cloth with splashed pattern ☆And "kasuri de wedding" that becomes naive this time! Wedding dress using ryukyukasuri was very wonderful; (*^_^*)

Fashion show 1.JPG Fashion show 4 Fashion show 5


Fashion show 8.JPG Fashion show 9 fasshonsho 12.JPG


Fashion show 13 Fashion show 17 Fashion show 26.JPG


Fashion show 27 F s sshonsho 19.JPG Fashion show 18.JPG


Fashion show 21.JPG Fashion show 22.JPG Fashion show 23.JPG


Fashion show 24.JPG Fashion show 26.JPG




In addition, bandstand which had you appear to many people ♪ Performers, thank you! m(_ _)m

39.JPG to vomit which falls 40.JPG to vomit which falls 3.JPG to vomit which falls


4.JPG to vomit which falls 26.JPG to vomit which falls 30.JPG to vomit which falls


31.JPG to vomit which falls 32.JPG to vomit which falls Performer. JPG


Performer 2.JPG Performer 3.JPG Performer 4.JPG


Performer 6.JPG Performer 7.JPG Performer 8.JPG


Performer 9.JPG Performer 10.JPG 35.JPG to vomit which falls


Performer 12.JPG Performer 13.JPG Performer 14.JPG


Performer 15.JPG Performer 16.JPG Performer 17.JPG


Performer 18.JPG Performer 18.JPG Performer 19.JPG


Stage 1.JPG Stage 2 .JPG Stage 3 .JPG


Stage 4 .JPG Stage 5.JPG Stage 6.JPG


Stage 7.JPG Stage 8.JPG Stage 9.JPG


Stage 10.JPG Stage 11.JPG Stage 12.JPG


Stage 13.JPG Stage 14.JPG Stage 15.JPG


Pretty performance and hula, folk art of preschoolers in Haebaru-cho, powerful karate and dance of EISA!

Queen contest of ryukyukasuri that wonderful fashion show that included a lot of clothes, new Queen were born☆

In addition, there are many each establishment which had you open a store day after day such as kids land, farm products sale, eating and drinking booth, all of groups

Oldness and exhibition that had people heap up! It was very wonderful two days when were full of charm of Haebaru-cho♪♪


As for oldness and the exhibition two years later by all means! Please expect; (^_^)v












































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