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Classroom in Haebaru-cho that thought about gender was held

December 1, 2014

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"Classroom in Haebaru-cho that thought about gender" was held!



Sponsorship: Put public interest incorporated foundation; rope woman foundation


The cosponsorship: Haebaru-cho








"Classroom in Haebaru-cho that thought about gender" was held at Haebaru-cho government office on November 21, 2014, and there were approximately 40 participants.

We make Makoto Aragaki of Okinawa Christian University's professor lecturer, and what is gender? How can all make happy society? We had o theme give a lecture.


We showed example that we labelled, and belief varied which happened in our daily life and gave TV CM to example again, and participant was able to learn about gender by lecture that concentrated invention happily.



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We filled in tag with what was associated with the word "gender" with all the participants.

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We performed group work to give opinions in participants for question to "be shit that driving of car passed through woman driver".

 Opinion that "this was because woman was more careful than man", and "it is problem of individual difference" varied left "we decided it and are reckoning".

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With gender

We say the neighborhood and sex differences idea that we acquired saying that there should be in this way while we are brought up while being concerned to difference in biological nature (biological physiology-like sex differences) that is decided before being born with "gender" (social culture-like sex differences) after birth. Is expected in everyday life; because "is man, is woman"; or of "man works woman homes" gender division of labor awareness is of this gender, too.



All of you who had you participate in lecture, thank you very much while you're busy.

We are happy if you can make use of what you participate in this lecture and felt, having learned in life of all of you.

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