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Under recruitment of idols of my home!

May 25, 2015

 We raise photographs of child of public relations magazine deha preschool child (to 0 years old - kindergartener) of Haebaru-cho "bragging about public information". As for every month, "we brag about public information"

"Oh, we introduce in NEWS to brag" about.



Preschool child who has address in Haebaru-cho



4-5 pages, corner of "idol of my home" in "NEWS to brag" about where "we brag about public information"


■Application method

1.At window in the case of application

 As there is application in the third floor of Haebaru-cho government office General Administration Division window, you fill out, and you attach photograph of child, and please apply for necessary matter.


2.By mail in the case of application

 Have download application, and fill out, or fill in matter (contents of as follows "necessary matters to fill in application" with) necessary for blank papers, child

Please send sanno photograph after enclosure. Please fill out envelope with "idol application for my home".


3.By E-mail (E-mail) in the case of application

 Fill in matter necessary for application, and attach photograph data of child stored by JPEG method, "is idol of my home with title of email

Please apply to spokesman after having assumed application.



Application e-mail address → kouhou@town.haebaru.okinawa.jp



■Necessary matter to fill in application with

1.The name (furigana) of child

2.The date of birth of child

3.The name (furigana) of mother

4.The name (furigana) of father

5.Message to child: Around 10-15 characters


7.Phone number


※As you are doing ha transliteration "bragging about public information", please soak furigana of the name by all means.

※1-5 is published "to brag about public information", and don't worry as it may not be released 6 about phone number address, 7.

※Please note that you may do notification from charge for confirmation after the application.


■After the publication

 Photograph which took was published after the public relations magazine publication; when "brag about public information," return with sealed letter together. (until published in photograph

Please note that I take.)

 In addition, to child who had you offer photograph by data, it becomes sending only for public relations magazine.



 We download application and can use.

Idol publication application of my home. pdf(2.41MBytes)


We look forward to application from many people.



General Administration Division
Telephone: 098-889-4415