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Area of Haebaru-cho level changed

June 1, 2015

Area of Haebaru-cho level was changed.



Area of Haebaru-cho level was changed from current 10.72 square kilometers to 10.76 square kilometers.

We manage area of the municipalities level based on "it is like area according to metropolis and districts municipalities of the whole country" which Geographical Survey Institute announces every year.

Because method to measure this area level from investigation of 2014 was changed from conventional paper map measurement to digital map measurement, we change to new area level.

In addition, this change depends on change of surveying method, and there is no change of governorate world.


For details, please see homepage of Geographical Survey Institute. http://www.gsi.go.jp/kihonjohochousa/kihonjohochousa60012. html  




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