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2015 second sunflower scenery business (kamizato district)

July 3, 2015

2015 second sunflower field scenery business (kamizato)


The first kamizato district grew smoothly, too, and height was more than 2m this year, too.

We grew quickly and healthily after planting in the beginning of April, and flowering began on Tuesday, June 9, and it was full bloom at the point on June 26, and it was the end on June 26.

 All of viewing, thank you. It will become preparations to the crops in future at time.


State on Friday, July 3


IMG_0930.JPG  IMG_0928.JPG  IMG_0931.JPG


Soil turned over was very nutritious, and it became soft and fluffy soil.

Future vegetables are perfect for sunflower too of the next year, too (^-^)/



State on Friday, June 26


The kamizato sunflower end. JPG  Kamizato sunflower end 2.JPG

We went before dark in the evening. We already ended sunflower field and were defeated.

We are turned over with soil and will become preparations for next crops from now on.

Thank you for your farming family, cooperation.



State on Monday, June 22


kamizatti. JPG  IMG_0828.JPG  IMG_0833.JPG

 We are slightly looking down by rain a little, and is it ...? All right. There is no mistake in full bloom.


State on Monday, June 15

 kamizato. JPG kamizaton. JPG kamizatton. JPG

In full blossom. Sunflower bloomed joyfully. Towards the sun, we are full of life.  


State on Tuesday, June 9 

hi - circumference 1.JPG   The hi - circumference. JPG

We  finish full bloom and switch to the next crops.

 Sunflower flyer kamizato. pdf(384KBytes)



Miyahira sunflower field


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