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2015 third sunflower scenery business (miyahira district)

June 29, 2015

2015 third sunflower field scenery business (miyahira)


Heat is right in the middle. We express summer greeting card.


Sunflowers of house of the side of big field of miyahira of the last time (2015 first sunflower field) and the neighborhood are in full bloom.

We get power to sunflower if we enter field.

These fields are fallow fields of corn and bitter gourd.

We plant sunflower as green manure and breathe in surplus ingredient of soil and are effective in becoming soft and fluffy soil when plow (we do) comes in soil.

We can expect effect that the crops to set next become able to harvest more.

Area is small, but pretty sunflower blooms♪


State of Monday, June 29


The miyahira house side. JPG Miyahira, the house side. JPG Miyahira, house side (3). JPG

It is sunflower field which was next to the first. Is it 100 tsubo degree? It is next to plastic greenhouse.

Youthful sunflower is in full glory. People coming to see by couple increase (^ person ^)


(2). in miyahira, house JPG (1). in miyahira, house JPG

There is house when we prompt car to the north side, and sunflower blooms in that.

For the other side; is, but is sunflower which is cute when enter, and see.


In full bloom is deshoka ... until Sunday, July 5. Look by all means!





Miyahira sunflower field


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