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Guidance of authority of obstacle welfare service, child with a disability place support

July 23, 2015
With obstacle welfare service, it is classified roughly for [independence support payment] and [local life support project] that supply decision is carried out individually to people with obstacle (body, intellectual mind, intractable disease).

[independence support payment] We part from "care payment" to receive care support in this for "payment such as training" to receive support such as training. 

[local life support project] Then there are "moving support project" or "in the daytime temporary support project".

[kind of obstacle welfare service]  

  Kind of support Contents of service
Care payment Home care We give bathing, excretion, care of meal at home
Severeness visit care We always perform bathing, excretion, care of meal, movement support at the time of going out to person needing care in severe limbs inconvenience people generally at home
Company protection To person having remarkable difficulty for movement by sight obstacle, we support going out such as offer (including vicarious writing, reading by a deputy) of information necessary for movement, protection of movement
Action protection When person whom ability for self-judgment is confined to acts, we perform support necessary to evade danger, going out support
We contain severeness people with a disability and support To person who is very high in the need of care, we perform plural services such as home care comprehensively
Short-term entrance Person to care for at home provides equipment in cases of illness for a short term including the night and performs bathing, excretion, care of meal
Medical treatment care We introduce function training, management, nursing, care in medical treatment and everyday life to person needing medical care and regular care with medical institution
Life care We give bathing, excretion, care of meal and, to person needing care, always provide opportunity of activity of creating or production activity in the daytime
Facilities entrance support To person entering facilities, we give bathing, excretion, care of meal on the night and holiday
Cohabitation care At house performing cohabitation on the night and holiday, we perform bathing, excretion, care of meal
Payment such as training Autogenics (function training, life training) We perform necessary training for improvement of body function or ability for life for a certain period of time to be able to do everyday life that became independent or social life
Working shift support To person in hope of working to general companies, we perform necessary training for improvement of knowledge necessary for working and ability for a certain period of time
Working continuation support (type A, type B) We provide work place to person having difficulty in working in general companies and perform necessary training for improvement of knowledge and ability
Cohabitation support At house performing cohabitation on the night and holiday, we provide support in consultation and everyday life
Local life support project Moving support We support movement to go out smoothly
In the daytime temporary support We secure activity and support temporary working support of family and temporary rest of family caring for people with a disability routinely in the daytime
Local action support center It is facility performing offer of opportunity of activity of creating or production activity, interchange with society
Consultation support project Local shift support Targeting at people using person with a disability support facilities, mental hospital, child welfare institution 18 years or older, we perform making of local shift support plan, uneasy cancellation by consultation, company support of going out, securing of house, adjustment with related organizations.
Local fixation support We secure the communication system of time when it is the way goes targeting at people with a disability living alone in home and perform necessary support in emergency.



Authority of child with a disability place support is various places with obstacle (the development, body, intellectual mind, intractable disease) and applies to people needing support such as nursing younger than 18 years. 

[kind of authority of child with a disability place support] 

 Kind of support


 Contents of service

Child development support

Preschool child

Grant of instruction and knowledge skill of basic movement in everyday life, adaptation training to communal living

Medical model child development support

Preschool child with impaired arms, lower limbs or human trunk function

Child development support (the reference mentioned above) and treatment

Day services such as after school

Attendance at school child (until principle 18 years old)

Training that is necessary for improvement of ability for life during long vacations such as after school or summer vacation, promotion of interchange with society

We visit nursery schools and support

Child who goes to facilities (nursery school or elementary school) running communal living

Child visits facilities running communal living, specialized support for adaptation to communal living with child except the child in the facilities concerned


 ※Please contact person in charge of health welfare section in detail each as application methods are different. 




Health welfare section
Person with a disability welfare group
Telephone: 098-889-4416
Facsimile: 888-1772