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News from children's house

February 7, 2018

Four children's houses are in Haebaru-cho.

*North hill children's house * kanegusuku children's house * motobu children's house * tukazan children's house 



◎In 4 children's houses of Haebaru-cho, we carry out various activities (event) every month.



Entering a building is free! Please come to children's house to play casually!

◎Participation in event may come to need reservation. Please apply for participation one desired in children's house.


◎We go, and circle recruits members in each children's house, too.

 ★Family club

  We are active for local children based in children's house and are club which serves as information exchange of protector, and interchanges.

  Events are varied and are delightful club.

  Member of family club is short now.

   Particularly, protector who joins circle and club moving into action in protector and children's house of child using children's house well,

  I would like active participation.

  Apply for interesting one in children's house. 

◎About usage guidance of children's house

    We list confirmation matter when we use children's house. Please confirm this.

   Clik!!  →   Children's house usage guidance. pdf(186KBytes)


  Moving picture of each children's house

We introduce activity scenery of each children's house!


☆Kanegusuku children's house


  ↓ made with Christmas wreath                               Fun society↓                   


It is made with Christmas wreath with origami. JPG(1.98MBytes)           Fun society. JPG(2.14MBytes)



☆Tukazan children's house


   Futsal classroom↓


Futsal classroom winter vacation. JPG(1.91MBytes)



There is pleasant event every month in children's house. We look forward to participation of everybody!



 * News from each children's house (PDF)


 We tell about event information of each children's house!



・North hill children's house (889-3883) 489-1, Miyadaira, Haebaru-cho

H29. April issue

North hill 29.4 month. pdf(311KBytes)


H29. May issue

North hill 29.5 month. pdf(159KBytes)

H29. June issue north hill 29.6 month. pdf(558KBytes)

H29. July issue north hill 29.7 month. pdf(378KBytes)

H29. August issue (issue extra-large in summer vacation) north hill 29.8 month. pdf(424KBytes)

H29. September issue north hill 29.9 month. pdf(911KBytes)

H29. October issue north hill 29.10 month. pdf(452KBytes)


November issue north hill 29.11 month. pdf(419KBytes)

December issue north hill 29.12 month. pdf(439KBytes)

January issue north hill 30.1 month. pdf(234KBytes)

February issue (NEW) north hill 30.2 month. pdf(170KBytes)

March issue

North hill 29. March. pdf(216KBytes)


・Kanegusuku children's house (889-6114) 84, Kanegusuku, Haebaru-cho

H29. April issue

Kanegusuku 29.4 month. pdf(349KBytes)

H29. May issue kanegusuku 29.5 month. pdf(317KBytes)

H29. June issue kanegusuku 29.6 month. pdf(307KBytes)

H29. July issue kanegusuku 29.7 month. pdf(526KBytes)         


H29. August issue (issue extra-large in summer vacation) kanegusuku 29.8 month. pdf(885KBytes)



H29. September issue kanegusuku 29.9 month. pdf(678KBytes)


H29. October issue kanegusuku 29.10 month. pdf(487KBytes)

November issue kanegusuku 29.11 month. pdf(350KBytes)

December issue kanegusuku 29.12 month. pdf(488KBytes)

January issue kanegusuku 30.1 month. pdf(337KBytes)

 February issue (NEW) kanegusuku 30.2 month. pdf(730KBytes)

March issue 29, Kanegusuku. March. pdf(218KBytes)



・Motobu children's house (889-5008) Haebaru-cho aza 116, Motobu

H29. April issue 

Motobu 29.4 month. pdf(483KBytes)

H29. May issue motobu 29.5 month. pdf(307KBytes)

H29. June issue motobu 29.6 month. pdf(322KBytes)


H29. July issue motobu 29.7 month. pdf(364KBytes)

 H29. August issue (issue extra-large in summer vacation) motobu 29.8 month. pdf(548KBytes)


H29. September issue motobu 29.9 month. pdf(726KBytes) 


H29. October issue motobu 29.10 month. pdf(391KBytes)

November issue motobu 29.11 month. pdf(455KBytes)

December issue motobu 29.12 month. pdf(422KBytes)

January issue motobu 30.1 month. pdf(234KBytes)

February issue (NEW) motobu 30.2 month. pdf(183KBytes)

March issue

 Motobu 29.3 month. pdf(210KBytes)


・Tukazan children's house (888-2925) 663-1, Tsukazan, Haebaru-cho

H29. April issue tukazan 29.4 month. pdf(379KBytes)

H29. May issue tukazan 29.5 month. pdf(258KBytes)

H29. June issue tukazan 29.6 month. pdf(266KBytes)

H29. July issue tukazan 29.7 month. pdf(372KBytes)


H29. August issue (issue extra-large in summer vacation)

 Tukazan 29.8 month. pdf(392KBytes)

H29. September issue tukazan 29.9 month. pdf(789KBytes)


H29. October issue tukazan 29.10 month. pdf(365KBytes)

November issue tukazan 29.11 month. pdf(388KBytes)

December issue tukazan 29.12 month. pdf(455KBytes)

January issue tukazan 30.1 month. pdf(166KBytes)


February issue (NEW) tukazan 30.2 month. pdf(143KBytes)

March issue 

Tukazan 29.3 month. pdf(152KBytes)



★★Request to children's house, reference★★


  Haebaru-cho government office child section

 Phone number : 098-889-7028

  Facsimile : 098-889-7657

  E-Mail : H8897028@town.haebaru.okinawa.jp



Child section
Telephone: 098-889-7028
Facsimile: 098-889-7657