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Reservation place (land) sale information

July 2, 2018

This bid closed application at 17:15 on June 29, 2018.


Thank you for your large number of participation. Please wait for next bid.




In Haebaru-cho, we perform reservation place sale in tukazan north land readjustment project area. 


"Enforcer" is land readjustment project enforcer and shows "Haebaru-cho".



 Flow until competitive bidding. JPG   


1.Position of reservation place


 Naha wide area city planning business tukazan north land readjustment project area

  Number of the disposal image ground ..., 3 images place


  Public information June issue publication drawing. jpg



The disposal planned site


Position of reservation place  

Disposal acreage of a plot of land

Residual value

Restricted zone

Disposal method


The application situation

(7/1 8:30 update)


Image place

(square rice)







23,477,950 yen

First-class low-rise building exclusive residential district

General competitive bidding








22,964,164 yen

First-class low-rise building exclusive residential district

General competitive bidding








30,475,620 yen

First-class low-rise building exclusive residential district

General competitive bidding




Downloading of drawing, table or printing from this → July 25, 2018 sale reservation map aspect. pdf(1.47MBytes)


In the case of one, note 1) bid performs sale with reserving.


Please confirm about note 2) tukazan north city planning (use, local confirmation) here.



2.Person who cannot participate in bid       


(1) Person who does not get restoration in minor, adult ward or cover conservator or bankrupts       
(2) Person who assumes sale, exchange of real estate or lease the work by rule of residential land building trading law (1952 law 176th)       
(3) Person who purchased the reservation ground in the past 10 years in the district       


3.Distribution of bid application, period of reception desk and place       


 Period from Monday, May 28, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018 (excluded on Saturday and Sunday, holiday)       
 Time from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.      
 Place Haebaru-cho government office economy Construction Department division sewer section       
 Telephone 098-889-2508       

※Lottery, competitive bidding participation application is this → Bid application. pdf(208KBytes)Bid application for joint ownership name. pdf(210KBytes)


4.The date and time of bid and place (please confirm competitive bidding participation decision letter of advice.)       


   Date and time Wednesday, July 25, 2018 (about ※ date and time, please confirm competitive bidding participation decision letter of advice.)       

   The fourth floor of place Haebaru-cho government office meeting room       


5.Bid deposit       


(1) After the bid participation application, person in response to notice of participation decision, please pay bid deposit 100,000 yen at venue reception desk on the day of the bid.       
(2) It returns bid deposit other than the successful bidder after open bill.       
(3) Bid deposit of successful bidder who does not make a contract belongs to enforcer.      




(1) We do bid participation application with 1 image place in one household or 1 corporation.       
(2) We can download document, application necessary for application from homepage of Haebaru-cho. 

(3) Q&A about reservation place is this↓


FAQs pdf(331KBytes) Tukazan north district town development city planning brochure .pdf(1.0MBytes)

Rule (latest 2016.6.26) .pdf(268KBytes) about reservation place (style) .pdf(100KBytes) reservation place disposal


7.Flow after successful bid

Flow until successful bid - proprietary rights registration of a transfer. pdf(52.8KBytes) Reservation place sales contract sample. pdf(158KBytes)



〒901-1195 686, Kanegusuku, Haebaru-cho

Haebaru-cho government office division sewer section

Tel(098) 889-2508 [charge] land readjustment group



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Division sewer section
Telephone: 098-889-2508