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About child-care facility (Haebaru-cho) out of the authorization

August 7, 2018

[we will tell about child-care facility in Haebaru-cho out of the authorization]


Six places of child-care facilities out of the authorization are in Haebaru-cho.


Please see offer guidance.


※Please refer to each garden for use application for following facilities directly.



 Child-care facility name The location Phone number Offer guidance

Instruction supervision standard

Certificate of meeting

Grant presence


Dandelion nursery school 176, Yonaha 889-2547  Dandelion nursery school. pdf(109KBytes)  
2 Dianthus school 184-3, Shinkawa 889-7703 Dianthus school. pdf(457KBytes)  Existence
3 ikushinkitaokayojien 652, Miyadaira 889-1238

 ikushinkitaokayojien. pdf(1.29MBytes)

   ※In the case of entering a kindergarten, there is entering a kindergarten test.

4 Cherry tree nursery school Aza 461-19, Motobu 889-6512  Cherry tree nursery school. pdf(197KBytes)  
5 Cherry nursery school 620, Tsukazan 889-5037  Cherry nursery school. pdf(966KBytes)  
6 nanairo infants garden 1499-3, Tsukazan 889-7716 nanairo infants garden. pdf(375KBytes)   


 ※Information of child-care facility out of the authorization is published on homepage of Okinawa. Please refer.


   Information about child-care facility in Okinawa out of the authorization





In Haebaru-cho, we perform the following assistance for some children going to child-care facility out of the authorization in residence in the town block.


1.Use of child-care facility grant out of the town out of the authorization



2.Use of authorization outside child-care facility charges reduction of taxes (regardless of the outside in the town block) of Okinawa single-parent homes



Child section
Telephone: 098-889-7028