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A lot of HY, Chiaki (shakari) luxurious performers! ... peace concert ...

October 31, 2016

Peaceful concert that is carried out in festival "hometown exhibition" once in two years☆

^^ which luxurious artist including HY yashakarino Chiaki appears on

※As congestion is expected in the neighborhood of venue, we recommend the use of public transport.

 2016.1 HY.jpg461C.jpg

sasa.JPGWe prohibit shooting, recording act in peaceful concert entirely!

          I would like understanding and cooperation.


<< the date and time >> From Saturday, November 5 17:00


<< program >> ※Time may fluctuate by the situation.

17:00    Opening ceremony

                 Opening of a meeting declaration, "light of peace" lighting-type theme music chorus / Sakurako, yamato kono

About 17:30 "string" story-telling

About 17:50 idushi live

About 18:25 Chiaki (shakari) live

About 19:05 HY live

About 19:50 letter art completion announcement


<< host >> Handsome


★↓↓Person who wants to look at program in PDF is this

Program. pdf(0.99MBytes)


  ■Access to venue             


 << venue >> Haebaru Cultural Center parking lot (257, Kyan, Haebaru-cho)

   ※As congestion is expected in the neighborhood of venue, we recommend the use of public transport.


           Venue neighborhood map, temporary parking lot 

 hakujizu to add 2016 to. jpg

※As we prepare parking lot, but number is limited,

Please use public means of transportation if possible.


<< guidance of route bus >>

  Getting off, about 6-minute walk in front of 40.109 turn Haebaru-cho government office

  30, 37, 38, 91.191 turn kanegusuku crossroads getting off, about 15-minute walk 



  ■To enjoy peaceful concert more♪   

In concert,

Singer Sakurako of healing sings "turn on courage" theme music of Haebaru-cho peace concert.

"Heart in hope of peace everybody arrived to one" will sing together by all means!


★↓"Turn on courage" can watch theme music with Haebaru-cho formula channel of YouTube♪



★↓Turn on Haebaru-cho peace concert theme music courage; of the lyrics are this

Turn on courage; the lyrics. pdf(424KBytes)


※On the day please use public transport as congestion is expected if possible.


General Administration Division
Telephone: 098-889-4415