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About business embodiment of Okinawa promotion special promotion grant

November 14, 2016

With Okinawa promotion special promotion grant

 As for the Okinawa promotion special promotion grant (collective grant), business to contribute to Okinawa promotion was founded as grant that could carry out precise and effective business in line with each fact based on choice that Okinawa and the municipalities were independent in 2012.

 By the foundation of the grant, we were able to carry out business for problem solution to be caused by specialty of Okinawa that could not be settled enough by national flat system, measure.

 Here, we introduce utilization example about a part of the business (we include during enforcement) that Haebaru-cho carried out.

 In addition, please see as we made table about other business.



About concrete business embodiment of collective grant

Among business that Haebaru-cho carried out, we introduce imminent business as utilization example by townsmans.


Collective grant utilization example. pdf(132KBytes)


List of collective grant business of Haebaru-cho (as of H28 .11.14)

About business that Haebaru-cho carried out, we summarized in table until now.
Please confirm for more information about each business from the following link.



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