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The council such as the third Haebaru-cho comprehensive plans

November 28, 2016

The council such as the third Haebaru-cho comprehensive plans

[the date and time, place]

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:20

The third floor of Haebaru-cho government office conference of a government office room



[contents (order) of the council]


1.The opening of a meeting
2.The proceedings
 1) About the fifth Haebaru-cho comprehensive plan basics design, basic plan (draft)
   ・Town development target 2 (education, culture)

   ・Town development target 3 (health, the welfare) 



[committee present]


Chairperson: shinrihakubu (kamizato social welfare study director)

Vice-chairperson: Takashi Shimabukuro (Associate Professor at Okinawa University)

Committee: Yoshinori Aragaki (the staff of town manager of General Affairs Department)

Committee: Hiroko Uehara (knowledge experienced person)

Committee: Tokujiro Oshiro (Manager of Haebaru-cho Council of Social Welfare)

Committee: Yoshimitsu Kamizato (Manager of Haebaru-cho agriculture committee)

Committee: Takahiro Kaneshiro (Haebaru-cho business and industry chairperson)

Committee: Toshio Shiroma (Nanjo technology development representative director)

Committee: Kazuhiko Tobaru (Associate Professor at Okinawa International University)

Committee: Yaeko Nohara (ryukyukasuri business cooperative association's director)

Committee: Kiyokazu Hanashiro (Mayor of Haebaru-cho chairperson)

Committee: Pine temple thickness male (association of Haebaru-cho golden age club's chairperson)



[absence committee]


Committee: Emi Oshiro (President modern times art)

Committee: Mitsunaga Kamiyama (knowledge experienced person)

Committee: Mitsuko Kaneshiro (association of Haebaru-cho woman's chairperson)










[summary of the proceedings]


Council for third minutes summary H28.11.16.pdf(291KBytes) 


[related documents]


Order. pdf(47.9KBytes)

Council for document 1 second minutes summary H28.11.8.pdf(231KBytes)

Development (comparison of the fourth and the fifth) .pdf(137KBytes) of document 2 town development target, pillar, measure


Council for document 3 question, answer. pdf(148KBytes)





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