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Please be careful about refund fraud

January 4, 2017

We give staff of administration on the telephone and there are many examples to guide to ATM for return procedure of medical expenses and insurance tax, premium and is put.


As for asking ATM for instruction, operation for refund receipt, absolute.



●Characteristic of fraud trick

・We give government office (government office), taxation office, staff of Social Insurance Office, and there is a phone call.


・We actually say, "we sent documents before, but procedure is not considered to be" though we do not send documents.


"Today of refund hurry up saying it becomes just".


・There are instructions to go to procedure with cell-phone in ATM such as supermarket or convenience store except bank.



●If we think that it is doubtful

・We confirm the name and position, business of partner and take memo.


・We do fact checking in related organizations.


・When it is revealed that it is not fact, we do emergency call to the police.



●Because we do not encounter damage

・"It is anonymous" and does incoming refusal setting of telephone.


・We will put up for a roar if about to look at elderly person who operates ATM while making a cell-phone.





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