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Haebaru-cho child medical expenses subsidy program

February 7, 2018
The Haebaru-cho child medical expenses furtherance
Close for 2, Heisei January, 9 medical treatment
 "Window charge-free" of child medical expenses began.
 In Haebaru-cho, we promote early detection and early treatment of illness of child and, for the purpose of planning healthy upbringing of child, start "medical expenses window charge-free (benefit in kind) of child" from January 1, 2017.
 In this way, medical care came to be received without paying about self-burden of medical expenses for health insurance application at window.
※When we cannot cope by window for free method, automatic application (automatic repayment) method of street and window application method are available until now.
※There is thing excluding the medical expenses furtherance including insurance thing out of the application.
◇Summary of the child medical expenses furtherance
Target person Child to ninth grader who has address in Haebaru-cho and takes out health insurance

Medical expenses that we can support

(applications such as large amount of medical treatment, addition benefit, disaster mutual aid payment system are excluded.)

1.Copayment of medical expenses with insurance medical care    ※As for window charge-free being possible, 1 is copayment of this.

2.Meal contribution (the half price furtherance) at admission

3.For medical service under health insurance of medical treatment payment (assistive devices)

4.Copayment which we paid by premature infant nurture in prefecture

We do not become a target of the medical expenses furtherance

* In the case of uninsured medical treatment (expense of medical examination and vaccination, container charges, hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan charges at admission)
* 1/2 of meal allowance for family medical expenses at admission
* When there is not self-contribution using other public expenditure medical systems (nursing medical care, upbringing medical care, children chronicity identification illness medical care)
* Cases that disaster payment of incorporated administrative agency Japan sports promotion center including injury and illness in school and nursery school is for
Furtherance method

A. Window for free method (benefit in kind method)

i. Automatic application method (automatic repayment method)

Cormorant. Window application method (repayment payment method)

※ A. Window for free method or i. With health insurance card, it is necessary to show identification of recipient (pink) every time at windows such as medical institutions to receive medical care by automatic application method. (when identification of recipient does not arrive at hand, please refer.)
For more details, please see brochure. Child medical expenses furtherance brochure. pdf(5.13MBytes) 
 When do not show identification of pink recipient, all the moon by window charge-free may not cope.
On consultation by window charge-free, please show identification of pink recipient by all means.
(even if we show identification of old recipient of orange by window charge-free as you cannot cope, please be careful.)
Depending on medical institution, repair of system takes time, and window charge-free may be difficult.
As you are released about medical institutions which can support at any time on this homepage, please confirm. 
 Medical institution which can support by window charge-free is this now. (at February 7, 2018)
   ○Medical department (other than dentist) → H30.2.7 (medical department) .pdf(249KBytes)
●I would like cooperation for appropriate consultation such as medical institutions.

<< let's have family medicine >>

 If it is light diseases such as a cold, most of the treatment regimens do not change in immediate medical practitioners at big hospital either. It continues in reliable family medicine and has you grasp constitution and medical history, lifestyle generally by having a medical examination and can receive appropriate treatment and advice.

<< let's stop overlap consultation (ladder consultation) >>

 It costs the fee charged for a patient's first visit each time, and waste of medical expenses occurs when we change hospital without introduction. In addition, burden depends on body when we give inspection or measures, medication many times. When there is anything, let's talk with family medicine.

<< let's refrain from the use of easy emergency medical treatment >>

 We affect treatment of seriously ill patient needing emergency when we consult emergency outpatient easily and increase burdens on doctor and hospital. Let's protect intention, community medicine for appropriate consultation so that we continue necessary medical care when it is necessary and are received.

※Please utilize "# 8000" (emergency pediatric service telephone consultation counter). (use time: in every day for from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.)

 Advice such as the way of appropriate coping depending on symptom of child or hospital to consult is received by pediatrician, nurse. When you were wondering whether we should use emergency care, please inflect.


Public relations magazine January issue


■ Medical institutions become document for system supplier as follows ■


1.About system summary this (product for medical institutions) → (child medical care summary) 1,214. pdf(640KBytes)
2.We click this about the making point of the self-burden payment details (product for), office work people in charge that medical institutions include (system supplier in) → To page of association of National Health Insurance society
3.Poster (A4 size.for medical institution You increase as needed, and please use.) → Benefit in kind poster. pdf(423KBytes)
About list of Okinawa child medical expenses grant system automatic repayment payment enforcement medical institutions,
Please confirm in the following link


Reference is this. 

Haebaru-cho government office child section 686, Kanegusuku, Haebaru-cho 

TEL: 098-889-7028 FAX: 098-889-7657 

e-Mail: H8897028@town.haebaru.okinawa.jp