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Let's read public information paper with smartphone tablet!

March 6, 2017

Logo. png



In application "machiiro which is usable with smartphone and tablet," we can read public information haebaruoitsudemodokodemo.

※Use is already replaced by "machiiro" by update with "i public information paper".



1.We search "machiiro" from APP STORE (apple store), Google Play (Google play) and download.

2.We set area to live in "Haebaru-cho". ※One to live outside town sets "Haebaru-cho" in "curious area".

3.Latest public information paper is delivered.

※Use of application is free, but communication costs every each line burden.

 Hand photograph _ public information paper. jpg


◆Can do it in "machiiro"◆

★We can read the latest issue with one touch from home screen.

★We can store article as image and can share in SNS.

★Notice of public information issuance arrives for application directly.

※Advertisement is displayed within application separately from advertisement of the public information space, but is advertisement irrelevant to Haebaru-cho.


Use scene. jpg 


◆About downloading of application◆

It is connected to downloading screen when we click following Google Play, icon of each App Store.

In addition, we can download from QR code.


*** In the case of Android terminal, it is ***



*** In the case of iphone terminal, it is ***



*** It is downloading *** from QR code

 Both (very much) .png



Inquiry about the use and system of machiiro is ... hope call: 092-716-1404


General Administration Division
Telephone: 098-889-4415