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Administrative round-table conference was held

July 31, 2017

Administrative round-table conference


We grasp needs of townsman and, for the purpose of performing town administration administration that reflected voice of townsman, hold administration round-table conference that the mayor of Haebaru talks with townsmans about town administration in total at time when each area hopes for two years as period. We publish below about summary of questions and answers at the time of holding.



 Kamizato ward (June 30, 2017) .pdf(297KBytes)

 Contents of question and suggestion

  ・About road maintenance                 ・About setsudo to town road

  ・About village drainage              ・About park maintenance

  ・About measure of population growth           ・About road in land improvement district

  ・About illegal dumping                          ・About request to Nanjo-shi

  ・About administrative round-table conference              ・About "high rhinoceros yosan"

  ・About development that is industrial the sixth of sugar millet about work progress of Azuma Nanbu road


   CIMG2100.JPG CIMG2255.JPG


 Yamakawa ward (April 5, 2017) (236KBytes)

 Contents of question and suggestion

  ・About redevelopment of Yamakawa physical education center

  ・About positioning of Haebaru-cho, agriculture of Haebaru-cho

  ・About tradition of local dialect

  ・About maintenance of road

  ・About supporting business of agriculture

  ・About how to choose new agriculture committees


     CIMG1818.JPG   CIMG1827.JPG


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