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News from eco-center to brag about in 2017

November 7, 2017

In "eco-center, oh, to brag about in the neighbor of agricultural cooperative Haebaru-cho government office Branch," we carry out various activities every month.
We send state and lecture plan, environmental information of environmental learning, environment lecture that we usually perform. Please see.



April issue  News from center ecological in April. pdf(1.15MBytes)   We introduce haebaruekosentao. pdf(909KBytes)
May issue  News from center ecological in May. pdf(1.19MBytes) Pig to brag about relief, security. pdf(889KBytes)
June issue  News from center ecological in June. pdf(1.22MBytes) With drainer, both garbage and smell are refreshing. pdf(745KBytes)
July issue  News from center ecological in July. pdf(1.22MBytes) Guidance of lecture environmental in summer vacation. pdf(881KBytes)
August issue  News from center ecological in August. pdf(1.22MBytes) Let's separate wastepaper going out of home. pdf(1.02MBytes)
September issue  News from center ecological in September. pdf(1.22MBytes) Make together; illustrated book of yambaruno vigor. pdf(1.04MBytes)
October issue  News from center ecological in October. pdf(1.17MBytes)  We mend compost at home! .pdf(759KBytes)
November issue  News from center ecological in November. pdf(1.15MBytes)  Right separation, how to put out household waste. pdf(0.98MBytes)
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March issue    




Before 2016 from this





◎ I would like advance reservations to eco-center (889-4425) within one week before scheduled class date.

◎ Oh, as for various lectures, pig visit to brag about becomes enforcement from five or more more than three people.

  When we do not reach capacity, we may cancel.

◎ I would like cooperation of preparations, putting in order.

    ※Time in: Eco-center opening time (weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)




 haebaru Eco center    686, Kanegusuku, Haebaru-cho TEL: 098-889-4425


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