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It is in full blossom soon ♪ Sunflower field

July 13, 2017


19-Bohana.jpg Sunflower scenery business 2017 (the third)19-Bohana.jpg


The sunflower third begins.

[state on Wednesday, July 12]


 Sunflower field -1 



 Sunflower field -2


Sunflower approximately 90% of field blooms.

We think to be in full blossom this weekend (July 15 ...) from the time.


 Sunflower field -3



We take a lot of summer sun, and sunflower shines.


Is next tekudasa ... to meet cheerful sunflowers by all means, everybody,; (^o^)


※We have you plant sunflower by the kindness of farming family.

※It is closed for car to way around field. 

※Parking lot, please use chimugukuru building or parking lot of koganemori athletics field.

※Come to field on foot.

↓There is guidance signboard at entrance of field.









 We introduce state of field waiting for flowering successively.


[state on Monday, July 10]








We are not flowering in state to have bud yet now. 

Flowering is going to begin in the end of July. 

We update information. Please check HP at any time.


Sunflower flyer (371KBytes)







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