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September, 2017 issue "bragging about public information"

August 28, 2017



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Contents, entry
PDF file

■Mountain River tsunahiki kinoyosu

H29. September issue cover. pdf(1.3MBytes)
02-03 pages

■Tsunahiki kiga line was broken in each place in the town block!


■Miyahira area promotion museum completion


■Ryukyukasuri association Paula Prize receiving a prize decision

H29. September issue P2-P3.pdf(2.54MBytes)
04-05 pages

■NEWS to brag about this

Kids park / disaster agreement conclusion / late-night loitering prevention simultaneous action / uchinaguchi meet / Haebaruhanaori "biography product mark" beginning to use / Nansei Junior High School baseball club whole country third place / road cleaning volunteer


■Idol of my home

H29. September issue P4-P5.pdf(1.62MBytes)
06-07 pages

■Summer vacation primary schoolchild swimming classroom / summer vacation primary schoolchild ice skating lesson

■Association of Haebaru-cho physical education Shimajiri-gun summer meeting result

■Attendance at school support system

■The furtherance of use of child-care facility out of the town out of the authorization

■Guidance of children's house 4 building combination art appreciation meeting

H29. September issue P6-P7.pdf(1.84MBytes)
08-09 pages


■Emergency care information kit distribution business

■Guidance of Japan and Russia exchange of courtesies concert

■Guidance of association of Haebaru-cho woman society health lecture

■Recruitment of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school temporary workers in the town block

■Agriculture promotion area maintenance plan synthesis review inhabitants briefing session

■Recruitment of gender equality promotion meeting committees


H29 nine a year month issue P8-P9.pdf(1.66MBytes)
10-11 pages

■Specific medical examination Q&A

■If "cause inquiry of injury" arrives

■We can confirm in your pension "pension net"

■Member of your imminent maternal and child health promotion

H29. September issue P10-P11.pdf(1.88MBytes)
12-13 pages

■About substitute application of resident's card with my number

■September 10 is day of the sewer

■Guidance of consultation counter

■Dog and cat sterilization subsidy business

H29. September issue P12-P13.pdf(1.48MBytes)
14-15 pages

■Recruitment of planter compost monitors


■Weather to brag about this


■News from library

H29. September issue P14-P15.pdf(1.93MBytes)
16-17 pages

■Chestnut which there is information in

■News from eco-center to brag about this

■Local mini-disa Ron volunteer introduction

■News from health, child care

H29. September issue P16-P17.pdf(2.03MBytes)
18-19 pages

■We brag about school support corps

H29. September issue P18-P19.pdf(1.43MBytes)
Page 20

■The child society in leader training


■Quality goods "yumekanaeboshi pound cake" to brag about this

 H29. September issue P20.pdf(2.7MBytes)
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