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[job offer] Under recruitment of health nurses

December 4, 2017

At Haebaru-cho government office, it recruits next temporariness, part-time service staff.

Please confirm the following about the details and application method.


 In addition, it recruits list registrants about other types of job regardless of this offer at any time.

 ※Please confirm the details from the following↓


 Haebaru-cho temporariness, part-time service staff employment information


1.Health nurse (temporarily)
Hourly wage

 1,270 yen

Working hours  From Monday to Friday (on holiday Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) from 8:30 to 17:15
Business content  Health nurse all areas of our operation
Qualification  Health nurse / normal car license  ※Residence kind treatment in the town block
Service  Social insurance, unemployment insurance participation / annual vacation, paid vacation existence  
Bonus  Twice a year supply existence (around 30,000-90,000 yen)



※In addition, (common matter)


□Qualification: One younger than 65 years

□Application method: We bring commercial resume (photograph of the face pasting) to General Administration Division or mail.

         ※Please fill in resume with job title desired.

□Selection method: We perform paper screening from list registrant, and only selection passage person carries out interview. We decide the results afterwards.

        There may not be adoption (communication of interview) by application or duty condition a lot even if we register.

        In addition, please note that it is not adoption by presentation order.

         ※List registrant is person who performed resume presentation. Registration period is one year from presentation day.

□Appointment period: Adoption day - March 31, 2018 ※There is possibility of update 

□Others: There is contract parking lot (monthly basis payment)    

Recruitment of health nurses essential point. pdf(41.6KBytes)

About other types of job, we take registrant at any time. Please contact General Administration Division for the details.


General Administration Division
Personnel administration group
Telephone: 098-889-4415