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Offer! Gender equality promotion meeting committee

September 5, 2017


It recruits committees of Haebaru-cho gender equality promotion meeting!




            Person person

We devised the second Haebaru-cho gender equality plan (MAJUN plan) towards "peaceful Koganeminami wind town that man and woman assisted together" in Haebaru-cho in 2012.


We discuss for measures of progress and town of MAJUN plan to promote gender equality at gender equality promotion meeting and recommend the mayor. We participate in meeting as committee and recruit people who can cooperate with realization of gender equality society as follows. 



Offer period : Friday, September 1, 2017 - Friday, September 29


The offer staff : Few name


Qualification :  1.Man and woman of residence in the town block 20 years or older

         2.It is person with will for promotion of gender equality

         3.One that opinion can say at large standpoint without being seized with sex

         4.Person who is interested in town development of Haebaru-cho


Application method : You mail application and resume, or please submit to plan Finance Section on government office the third floor directly.

         ※Please receive whether you download application from homepage at plan Finance Section window.


Term : It is two years from day of commission


Selection method : Paper screening


Notice of decision : We notify the person by letter.


Application  : Application. pdf(38.5KBytes) Application. docx(13.6KBytes)

          ※Both PDF and word are the same applications. Please download either.




★What is MAJUN plan? ?


★MAJUN plan digest version



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