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October, 2017 issue "bragging about public information"

September 27, 2017



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Contents, entry
PDF file

■Town land 30s men's 100 meters

 H29. October issue cover. pdf(1.57MBytes)
02-03 pages

■Recruitment of entering a kindergarten children of town kindergarten

■We enter the municipality, authorization nursery school (place) and apply

■Medical examination before elementary school entrance to school

■Scholastic ability, learning situation investigation

 H29. October issue 02-03 .pdf(1.44MBytes)
04-05 pages

■NEWS to brag about this

It is contributed egg to contribution / choshakyo to land / town scholarship association in report / small of meeting out of cloth with splashed pattern texture experience / fire Festival / Nansei

■Idol of my home

 H29. October issue 04-05 .pdf(1.88MBytes)
06-07 pages

■Sunday, night group medical examination

■Recruitment of town kindergarten, elementary and junior high school temporary workers

■Haebaru oldness and discovery walk

■Mental health welfare citizen lecture

■News from national pension

 H29. October issue 06-07 .pdf(2.42MBytes)
08-09 pages


■Haebaru-cho community sewer connection promotion business subsidy grant system

■In hub *sho being careful

■The advice of dog/cat contraception, castration operation

 H29. October issue 08-09 .pdf(2.42MBytes)
10-11 pages

■It is urban greening month in October

 H29. October issue 10-11 .pdf(2.23MBytes)
12-13 pages

■After-school child day care school festival

■Children's house Festival

■Administrative counselor's office establishment

■Spring treasure "woodblock artist Makoto Ueno" of culture

■"Oh, quality goods 2017 to brag" about offer

 H29. October issue 12-13 .pdf(2.47MBytes)
14-15 pages

■We were authorized in Japanese animation sacred place 88.


■Weather to brag about this


■News from library

 H29. October issue 14-15 .pdf(1.88MBytes)
16-17 pages

■Chestnut which there is information in

■News from eco-center to brag about this

■Equipments was placed to firefighting team by the public lottery furtherance

■News from health, child care

 H29. October issue 16-17 .pdf(2.15MBytes)
18-19 pages

■We brag about school support corps

 H29. October issue 18-19 .pdf(2.4MBytes)
Page 20

■Haebaru-cho track and field meet

 Heisei 29.10 month issue _20.pdf(1.42MBytes)
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