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Recruitment of the 23rd Kokuba River water ashibi participants!

November 10, 2017


Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 9:30 to 15:00



Abusive lake bird, damp ground center (Tomigusuku-shi 982, Tomigusuku)
※The number of parking lots includes limit. Please use public transport such as buses.

※Meeting place site is entirely non-smoking. I would like understanding and cooperation.



1.Abusive lake size cleaning (receptionist on that day)

  ※Please participate with done light dress of cleaning. (sandals impossibility)

        Garbage bag, work gloves prepare at the secretariat.

2.Ray Cars mini-show (♪ that mascot of the municipalities of haerunya et al. participates)
3.Natural experience-based game
  ※Even if participant of natural experience-based game becomes dirty (even if we get wet), please participate in good shoes, clothes.
4.Display booth


※In the participation planned one, I'm sorry to trouble in group, but please contact the secretariat.

 (as we are ready for event insurance, garbage bag, work gloves, we would like early if possible.) 



Sponsorship Kokuba River water ashibi executive committee

         (Haebaru-cho Naha-shi Tomigusuku-shi Itoman-shi Yonabarucho, Yaese-cho, Nanjo-shi Ministry of the Environment Naha natural environments office)


Establish cooperation abusive lake natural environments communication maintenance meeting NPO corporation; rope environment club ieshi 

    Okinawa environmental science center mirror original group


Support Okinawa Morinaga Milk Industry Co.,Ltd. Okinawa UCC coffee Japan beverage Okinawa




The 23rd Kokuba River water ashibi handbill. pdf(1.31MBytes)




The secretariat (Haebaru-cho inhabitants environment inside of a section)
 Reference of the day: Abusive lake bird, damp ground center