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Entrance guidance such as nursery school, authorization nursery school town in 2018

January 31, 2018



★January 31, 2018 update★




It is the beginning of February about result of entrance first examination in April such as nursery school, authorization nursery school public in 2018

We are going to send out.

I'm sorry, but please wait for a while.




★January 29, 2018 update★

We updated "news of Haebaru echo nursery school opening of the park time".

Please confirm the details than the following URLs.






★November 30, 2017 update★

Entrance first examination application acceptance was finished in April such as public nursery school, authorization nursery school in 2018.


Please confirm two pages of bookmarks of entrance during second examination, application for each entrance preferred date reception desk period.




Nursery school, authorization nursery school public in 2018 about entrance application

※There is revision of childcare charges from 2018. After checking nine pages of bookmarks of entrance, apply.


※When we may be born by December 31, 2017, temporary application before childbirth is possible. Please confirm six pages of bookmarks of entrance.

★Primary selection reception desk period★

 From Monday, November 6, 2017 to Thursday, November 30 [except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays]
◇ Time in: From 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

◇ Application documents distribution, reception desk place: Haebaru-cho government office child section (the first floor of the Government building)
※Application after the date and time is out of primary selection on the deadline.
(about application schedule after primary selection, please see "bookmark of (2018 authorization nursery school Land) entrance" (following file).)
◆About target child◆
 Child that we have address in Haebaru-cho, and protector and living together relative (under 65 years old) need childcare by any of the following circumstances.


We assume working (labor out of the home, labor in home) normal condition

※Setting to work more than 64 hours a month

2.The pregnancy, childbirth   During the pregnancy or after giving birth not having room (before childbirth two months, after giving birth three months)   
3.Illness, obstacle Disease and mind and body have obstacle
4.Care, nursing We always care for relative with impaired disease and mind and body and nurse
5.Attendance at school We go to university, technical school, training school
6.Job hunting

We are looking for work (including company preparations average)

※Entrance period is less than three months. But when, in the year, become job hunting again; four months in total are the upper limits

7.Restoration of disaster We restore earthquake disaster, storm and flood damage, fire and others
8.When we acquire parental leave 

There being child that protector has already used nursery school (garden) during the parental leave acquisition, and use of continuation being necessary.

※During period when brothers child in living-in-garden can do living-in-garden by parental leave, it is at until the end of the month when child whom principle was born becomes 1 year old. But little child does with living-in-garden until end of the fiscal year when it is to 1 year old when little child cannot enter and becomes wait. (when they extend parental leave without special reason, living-in-children become taien.)


When we are similar to the above which the mayor accepts



◆Bookmark of 2018 authorization nursery school (garden) entrance
 Please read before application by all means
◇Each nursery school (garden) summary◇
 ※Echo nursery school becomes the authorization from H30. April. 
◆About documents necessary for application◆
※★Please submit seal with town designation style.
1.Documents which are necessary toward all
The name of documents Style ※We would like duplex printing by all means

★Use application and supply authorization application               

※It is one piece per one child

Use of H30 application and supply authorization application. pdf(223KBytes) 

★Entrance application confirmation and written consent

※It is one piece per one household

Entrance application confirmation and written consent. pdf(252KBytes)


Documents which prove reason to need childcare

※It is one piece per one household each

 In reference to list shown below, please submit applicable documents.


※Of under 65 years old of parents (or duty of supporting person) of child and the same household

For all the relatives is necessary. 

 2.Documents which prove reason to need childcare
※Presentation documents vary according to reasons needing childcare.
※Father, mother, living together relative (being under 65 years old in the same household as of April, 2018) is necessary for all the members.


Reason that needs childcare The name of documents Style
Working (including informal appointment)

One that is employed

(office worker, public employee, part, temporary employee)

★Working certificate





Working certificate. pdf(1.0MBytes)



 Working certificate. xlsx(57.6KBytes)


Self-employed people, agriculture, side job

(we include full-time union official)

The pregnancy, childbirth


Copying of pregnant woman medical checkup consultation list


Illness, obstacle ★Medical certificate H30 medical certificate. pdf(141KBytes)
Care, nursing Care, person whom we nurse ★Care (nursing) situation report  Petition for H30 nursing (care) situation. pdf(171KBytes)
Person who receives care, nursing

★Medical certificate

※Even copy of disability certificate is possible


 H30 medical certificate. pdf(141KBytes)

Attendance at school, training school ★Attendance at school, training situation report  H30 attendance at school, training situation report. pdf(146KBytes)
Under job hunting ★Job search situation report  H30 job search situation report. pdf(70.4KBytes)

Documents which prove disaster





 3.Please submit required document in any of the following condition each. 



Condition Required document 
Single-parent household

・Copy of a person's family register (divorce day being listed)

・Child Rearing Allowance paper (copying)

・Identification of mother and the child motherless family medical expenses recipient (copying)

※It is one one among the above

Household where person with a disability (child) is 

・Copy of body, mental patient notebook, nursing notebook or Special Child Dependent's Allowance paper, impairment basic pension paper

One in hope of child with a disability childcare

・Medical certificate (thing written clearly that group childcare is possible) 

As of January 1, 2018

One in Haebaru-cho without address

・Income tax certificate (thing listed all items in) of 2018

※It is issued in the municipalities where are resident in January 1.

Transference planned one

★Transference written oath


・We can confirm addresses of transference such as leases (copying), scheduled transference date

 H30 transference written oath. pdf(57.6KBytes)

Welfare receipt household

・Welfare receipt certificate

※Person resident in Haebaru-cho is issued at southern welfare public health center




◆About nursery school entrance standard list◆


As when there is application more than entrance capacity for nursery school (garden), it is decided from childcare which is high in the need by selection,

Please note that you may have to wait for entrance by the application situation.


H30 Haebaru-cho nursery school entrance standard list. pdf(170KBytes)


About childcare charges calculation list

※There is revision of childcare charges from 2018.


H30 childcare charges calculation list. pdf(628KBytes)




◆About other procedures◆



 ◇Child-care facility application notification of change◇

When person whom we have already proposed entering a kindergarten hope to proposes addition, change of garden desired, please submit child-care facility application change notice.

Child-care facility application notification of change. pdf(43.0KBytes)



When you do taien, please submit taientodoke to government office child section within two weeks before taiennichi.

◇Notification of change◇

If change of the household situation includes protector change, divorce, the marriage, please submit notification of change to government office child section.

<style eleventh> notification of change. pdf(42.6KBytes)


◇Entrance, wait certificate◇ 


 As this certificate has to seal in child section, window comes over, or when you mail, you attach self-addressed envelope, and please send.


 About period to prove, please ask child section beforehand.


Entrance situation proof (wait proof). pdf(44.7KBytes)



 ◇Notice of sarukomitorishita, informal appointment refusal◇


 When we withdraw application and when entrance informal appointment is declined, please submit to government office child section.

Report of refusal, withdrawal. pdf(54.5KBytes)



 ◇Nursery school table out of the authorization◇


List of H30 child-care facilities out of the authorization. pdf(675KBytes) 



◇Operational official regulations about the use of Haebaru-cho childcare


 Operational rule about the use of Haebaru-cho childcare. pdf(442KBytes)

◇About child, child care support new system◇
Towards society where each person's child could mature into in good health, "child, child care support law" was passed in August, 2012.
Based on this law and other laws to be related to, "child, child care support new system" started in April, 2015.
For more details, please see the following Cabinet Office homepage. 
◇Cabinet Office homepage URL http://www8.cao.go.jp/shoushi/shinseido/





686, Kanegusuku, Haebaru-cho


Haebaru-cho child section 


TEL: 098-889-7028 FAX: 098-889-7657 

e-Mail: H8897028@town.haebaru.okinawa.jp



Child section
Telephone: 098-889-7028