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About 2017 Haebaru oldness and discovery walk holding

October 25, 2017


 In the Haebaru-cho Board of Education, we discover good town in thing around historic spots in the town block, and "the making of local bond" carries out "Haebaru hometown discovery walk" for the purpose of these two points because local resident participates "hometown education" to bring up attachment feeling to town.

 Meaning of cloth with splashed pattern design? Why is there ishijishi? We walk Haebaru-cho with the help of map with nado family, friend, and let's discover their oldness!


■The date and time, meeting place

 Friday, November 3, 2017 Culture Day from 9:15 a.m. to 12:00 (8:30 a.m. acceptance)

 Haebaru municipality center public hall meeting


 We choose one among 4 following courses

  A course kanegusuku (60 minutes, 2km)

  B course miyahira (90 minutes, 4km)

  C course motobu, teruya (60 minutes, 2.5km)

  D course motobu, teruya, kyan course (90 minutes, 3.5km)

  ※It is indication at time.

 A course. xlsx(1.15MBytes)A course. pdf(162KBytes)B course. xlsx(1.18MBytes)B course. pdf(201KBytes)

C course. xlsx(698KBytes)C course. pdf(223KBytes)D course. xlsx(2.41MBytes)D course. pdf(191KBytes)


■It is targeted for participation

 Group of Haebaru townsmans (family, friend, child society, woman meeting, old man society, adult circle, the sports Boy Scouts)

 ※Around 4-8 one group

 ※When less than primary schoolchild participate, adult, please be accompanied.


 We confer prize for finishing walking on group which we finished walking. 


■We bring

 Writing utensils, drink

■Entrance fee

 Free of charge


■Application method

 1.Application method

  (1) Window

   ≪Until reception desk period >> from Tuesday, October 17 to Tuesday, October 31 from 8:30 to 17:15 ※On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, from 12:00 p.m. to 13:00 are excluded

   Please submit the following application to central public hall.


   Application. xlsx(631KBytes)

  (2) Email

   ≪Reception desk period >> from Tuesday, October 17 to Tuesday, October 31

   To title "oldness and discovery walk application"

   It is (1) first hope course, phone number of full name, age (3) representative of all the second course (2) participants desired in the text

   You list this, and please transmit to "H8890568@town.haebaru.okinawa.jp". 


 2.Around 200 capacity  ※ We accept and are finished as soon as we reach capacity.



 1.It travels historic spot in the town block on foot. Please warn safety such as time to walk crossing and the village of road by each person. Particularly small child, please be careful enough.

 2.There are slope, stairs, slippery point. Please participate in shoes and mobile clothes.

 3.I would like physical condition management by wearing of hat, each person including bringing of drink.

 4.We plan recreation in case of rain in golden hall.

 5.We do not prepare for curry of noon this time. Thank you for your understanding.

 6.On the day we are going to sell chipped ice for 100 yen for the purpose of business capital creation of the 30th anniversary of Nansei Junior High School foundation.



Lifelong learning culture section (central public hall)
Telephone: 098-889-0568