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There was donation of 11,700 pieces of New Year's greetings postcards to town Board of Education from 4 post offices in the town block♪

December 11, 2017

 There is donation of New Year's greetings postcard to town Board of Education from post office four stations in Japan Post Co., Ltd. Okinawa branch office Haebaru-cho,

The presentation ceremony was held on December 6. Company in as for this plan for the purpose of promotion of letter culture in the town block and neighboring municipalities

We had you support 45 and came true.



 Post office Yasushi Takara (treasure Yasushi) in Haebaru chief of the bureau "this time thanks to cooperation of all of companies

We may distribute to not only elementary and junior high school but also kindergartens and are very thankful. Pleasure to write letter at this opportunity

We said, we are glad when we had you know.


 In addition, the Akamine Masayuki (akaminemasayuki) superintendent of education who received the presentation of postcard of "how to write letter in school

It inflects in class and is pleased very much. So that, as well as smartphone and email, child quits that we write by hand

It is good opportunity to have you experience. We have approach continue and are hard to be true every year."

We spoke thanks in this.


 Presented postcard is distributed to elementary and junior high school in the town block and kindergartens.


The New Year's greetings postcard presentation ceremony. JPG

▲State of the New Year's greetings postcard presentation ceremony

All of 4 post offices in the town block, all of 45 companies which had you support, thank you.



Supporting companies are as follows. (honorific title abbreviation, random order) 


◇Corporation Hiroyuki Miei
◇tsuneda painting industry
◇Tire way service
◇The Marui gas southern part
◇Arch cram school
◇Oh, it is built persimmon
◇The Okinawa earth
◇Development industry in southern corporation
◇Haebaru north clinic
◇Terumasa interest product
◇Medical plaza dentistry
◇Ebisu otolaryngology
◇Nikken Corporation

◇South new product
◇Yoko Kaneshiro judicial scrivener office
◇Miyahira post office
◇General material
◇Okinawa binding
◇Modern times art
◇kabushikikaisha*shin housing Haebaru Branch
◇Haebaru oil

◇Okinawa Times tukazan store

◇Dolce after-school child day care 




◇Haebaru post office
◇YELLOW HAT Haebaru store
◇Ikari sterilization Okinawa company
◇Beach cold plane industry
◇M Kay product
◇Corporation new head temple engineering works Haebaru Office
◇JA Okinawa Haebaru Branch
◇Burn corporation; office work
◇Restaurant bar tira
◇Haebaru office supplies company
◇Okinawa Times tukazan store
◇Store in front of Okinawa Times tukazan public hall
◇Techno metal industry
◇Company newly coDenki Kogyo
◇okei facilities
◇Relation village construction
◇Kubota electric facilities industry
◇Tukazan post office
◇Okinawa Toyopet
◇Akamine plan design

◇Haebaru post office





General Administration Division
Telephone: 098-889-4415